Solus ID Interview: SolusID discount code and interview with Rob Berger from Solus ID

Obviously SOLUS ID is relatively new in the Identity Theft Protection space – relatively speaking. The identity theft market is only about 5 or 6 years old. I see that you show on the Solus ID website that you have two different areas of identity theft protection plans: you have a personal side and a group side. Can you give me some history of your company – when you got started? Then a little bit more about what you offer?

Web Applications And Security: How To Secure Custom Web Applications

Security for web applications? Why do I need to think about security for my web-based apps? Well, whether you’re building it in PHP or Perl, Ajax or ASP, you will likely be collecting the private information of your users. So, whether you’re helping your web-based users use an application for photo sharing, or offering them free web-based classes, you need to have a plan in place so that the security of your web-based application won’t be compromised.

Interview – Searching for Email Security: Review And Policy Surrounding What Is Email Security?

What is email security? And how can I know which email security products are better than others? In this interview with Paul Herbka, we review email security products and services, as well as talk about the nature of email security and what you and your company can do to protect yourself.

How To Control Who Has Access? Authentication and Access Control Services and Solutions

Two Factor Authentication What is it, how does it work, and why is two factor authenticaion better than just one factor authentication? In this interview with Paul Herbka from South Seas Corporation (services and solutions based out of Colorado), we go in depth in a discussion of two-factor authentication, and why it’s important for any …

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ID Watchdog Promotion and Interview Transcription: ID Watchdog Discounts

What? I didn’t sign up for ID Watchdog! And I could have signed up for this service using a discount code? What? How does ID Watchdog’s service work, and how did I get signed up through my bank? What ID Watchdog does is protect people from identity theft. There are a couple of differences between ID Watchdog and some of the other solutions that are out there. What ID Watchdog does is we monitor thousands of private and public records on your behalf looking for evidence of identity theft. And if we discover identity theft while you’re on our “watch,” what we do is we repair the damage at no additional cost.

Interview With An Identity Theft Victim: Christie Scalzo

If you’ve been reading Identity Theft Secrets lately, you’ll remember the story of Christie Scalzo. The woman who was falsely imprisoned and went through some real challenges because of someone stealing her Identity. Christie’s friend found our post on, and forwarded it to her, which eventually led to this interview with Christie Scalzo about …

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Trend Micro: Interview with Trend Micro’s David Perry

Save on Trend Micro’s Internet Security(opens in new window) Trend Micro Promo Code: Save 10% on Trend Micro’s services, including antispyware(opens in new window) Though you may not have heard of them, Trend Micro is one of the world’s largest companies in the antispyware and computer protection software space. In this interview, I spoke with …

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