Bootstrap MediaWidget Review: MediaWidget Free Download?

Download a Review copy of Bootstrap MediaWidget

Other reviews you did hav said good stuff about Bootstrap Softwares n Security. Where I can get a Botostrap free download for MediaWidget?

Yes, we do get emails like this at IdentityTheftSecrets.

(But at least from this one we can understand what’s being asked.)

In this case, this visitor would like to know where he/she can get a free download of Bootstrap’s Media Widget Software.

Rather than just providing you a link, we’d like to review the software and let you know what we liked and thought could be improved (after reviewing Bootstrap MediaWidget).

And despite what lots of scammy sites say about the software being free, since we don’t know where you can get a free download (other than a trial download), we’ve just given you a way to go directly to the trial download.

MediaWidget is a software which will transfer anything that’s currently on your iPod into your PC. This lets iTunes find the media and display it for you in a way you can use.

Occasions for which you might want to prepare in advance by using MediaWidget today:

  • Your computer crashing
  • Your computer getting stolen
  • Your iPod getting stolen
  • Buying a new computer
  • Mysterious disappearances of media you previously had on your iPod

Other reasons to use MediaWidget

  • Your friends put content onto your iPod and you want the content on your computer
  • You want to use your iPod on more than one computer
  • You want an easy way to create and edit playlists for your iPod

MediaWidget Review (from downloading and trying out the free trial):
MediaWidget is easy to use.

As far as software to transfer between iPod and computer/iTunes, it’s easy.

And the content can be sent the other direction as well, from the computer/iTunes to your iPod.

It’s an easy sync between the two, which will let you share music, photos, and videos between devices.

Here’s what MediaWidget needs in order to work properly

  • 128 MB RAM
  • 10 MB free hard drive space
  • iTunes 4 or higher installed

Any Windows formatted iPod will work with MediaWidget.

Review of the Downsides for MediaWidget (what we noticed in the trial download)

  • You can only transfer 10 songs at a time with the trial version
  • The trial download version only lasts 14 days
  • The Backup, Restore and Recover features don’t work in the trial version.

Other things we found not to like about MediaWidget after downloading and installing the trial included that it wants to change your default home page, wants to change the search engine, and wants to install the Ask toolbar when you install it.

Those thing are easy enough to avoid however, just by checking that you don’t want them.

Overall, our review of MediaWidget is positive.

The free trial download is worthwhile to find out whether or not this will be the right program for you to use to download/upload files between your iPod/iTunes, and your PC.

Download a Review copy of Bootstrap MediaWidget