Anonymous announces plans to hack Sony: Why? The SOPA Act

Anonymous has announced that once again Sony will be under attack by their extraordinary powers of hacking. Here is the video.

Sony is not the only one to come under attack, but several others including many celebrities like Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and Kim Kardashian, for their support of the SOPA Act.

What is the SOPA Act? Some say it’s designed to stop piracy on the Internet. Other’s call it a form of government censorship that can stop just about anyone or any business dead in their tracks. While stopping piracy may sound good there is a whole lot more to this act than meets the eye. Also, many piracy options occur all over the world, and the US Government can’t police that.

Here is the SOPA Act in it’s entirety.

This isn’t the first time, as we have reported in “Hackers Hit Sony Again and Again” and “Sony Playstation Network Breach

Find out what PlayStation has to say in response to the Anon threat. Do you have PS3? What is stored in your game’s memory that probably shouldn’t be? Do you think that if completed it will make any difference to those that support and endorse the SOPA Act?