An Interview With LifeLock’s Mike Prusinski and Review of Lifelock’s Service

Side comment about the promotion code IDENTITY, since so many people have asked for information…

this link has a promotion code in it, using the code IDENTITY
saves you $21 off the cost of Lifelock, and gives you 30 days free.

I read about a service called Lifelock and how having Lifelock supposedly reduces your risk of becoming a victim of Identity Theft by half.
This sounded a little fishy to me (no pun intended), so I decided to investigate further.
After reading about Lifelock on their web site, I found out that where they focus is on trying to prevent your information, and your identity, from being valuable to anyone but you. In other words, even if your information is compromised, which (as we’ve discussed numerous times on this site) it already is, their service makes your identity virtually useless to anyone but you.
Pretty cool approach to the Identity Theft problem.

My audio interview with Mike Prusinski is below, so you can hear for yourself what they have to say about the service.

Download the MP3 Here
After looking into it, Lifelock does seem like a good service, at a good price.
And because of this interview with Lifelock, if you use this link with the promotion code in it*, it will put a code in the promotion code box when you’re signing up, and as a result, you’ll get a 10% discount.
Just in case it doesn’t put the proper code in the box, the promotion code box looks like this on their web site.

(You can click this picture and it will automatically add that code in there for you too.)
Even if you’re signing up for their service without a promotion code, (I guess they they have some other promotion codes,) but even at $120/year, the service seems to be well worth it.
I also found a video on Lifelock’s service from a Colorado Springs TV Station.

Again, if you use this link with the lifelock promotion code IDENTITY in it*, it will put a code in the promotion code box when you’re signing up, and as a result, you’ll get a $21 discount and your first 30 days free.
(*Disclaimer: That promotional code will help you save money. If you’d rather just go directly to Likelock and not use the promotion code IDENTITY, you can do that at without the promotional code.)

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  1. Thank you for providing relevant information (both pros and cons)about it does help the consumer in making an informed decision on buying the product. I am planning to subscribe for similar service but would like to know more about companies which offer similar service. Can you please send me a copy of the comparison chart also, thanks.

  2. LifeLock Customer

    This is in response to Mark M.’s Posting on
    January 5, 2008 03:45 PM regarding whether LifeLock covers you if the lender fails to call you after someone fraudently applying for credit. I received the following after enrolling with LifeLock:
    “When applying for credit, you should receive a phone call from the lender asking you to confirm your identity.
    LifeLock will not affect your credit score. When you apply for credit, the creditor is advised to contact you via telephone (usually using the phone number provided to us during your enrollment) or to take reasonable steps to verify your identity before making any decision with respect to your credit. This should ensure that you are personally notified before any credit or credit-related transaction is approved. If you do not receive a call, it does NOT mean that you are not covered by our $1million service guarantee. You ARE protected regardless of whether or not the lending agency chooses to call you.”
    Hope this satisfies your concern Mark M.

  3. Thanks for all of you that shared feedbacks & infos regarding life lock. Its a very helpful information. I would greatly appreciate a copy of your comparison report, too. I am considering getting some sort of id protection. Thank you!

  4. I am very interested in a copy of your comparison of Lifelock and Pre-Paid Legal/Kroll ‘s Identity theft Shield too. I’ve been spending quite a bit of time trying to identify the best and most comprehensive identity theft protection for weeks now.
    Thanks, Donna

  5. I recently enrolled in the Lifelock Program and here is why. Even though I can do most, if not all the same thing by myself, I didn’t. Oh I asked to be taken off a mailing list or two, but after several months I couldn’t remember who I asked and who I didn’t. Since it only costs about as much as two “Big Macs” or a “Value Meal” at one of the popular sandwich shops, I thought “what the heck”, it’s worth that much for some peace of mind. I signed up knowing all the stuff the founder did or what the ex founder did or didn’t do. It also seemed that the attacks were a bit too well organized to be random complaints / criticism. It almost seemed like a well organised smear campaign. Oh well, decide for your self. I believe it’s worth every penney for just the peace of mind. (No, I don’t work for them or have any association with Lifelock.) Good luck with whatever you decide…………Bob

  6. I would appreciate it if you could email me a copy of your comparison. Thank you.

  7. I would also like you to email me a copy of your comparison. I’ve had the Pre-Paid product for a couple of years, and not sure that I want to continue it. I would like to compare the two products.

  8. Lifelock is being sued for fraud both in terms of protection and in terms of the owner’s claims of being safe. In short: he’s had his identity stolen 5 times and the company doesn’t do what it claims to.

  9. I signed with a company that seems to do things much better than LifeLock. They do show you how to place fraud alerts, but they don’t do it for you. They also give you practical tips for protecting your identity as well as monitoring my credit, and various other databases like utilities, dmv, social security. This protects me in ways that won’t ever show up on my credit reports. They really informed me of types of thefts that I never even thought of. I thought it was really just somebody using your credit card, and they said the main reason is for people to get jobs! The name of the company is Secure Identity Systems and I was able to get the coverage through my bank. I am really glad I was able to cover myself and my family, for about the same price as LifeLocks individual coverage.

  10. Great information, a true help to all of us.
    I would like a copy of your comparison of Lifelock and Pre-Paid Legal/Kroll ‘s Identity theft Shield. Thank you for your help.

  11. Here is something you haven’t mentioned, is owned by Lifelock.
    LifeLock also utilizes, a free site, to obtain credit reports on behalf of consumers, and then effectively charges for these reports by including them as part of LifeLock’s monthly subscription service.
    LifeLock consumers, unaware of this, then try to get their own credit reports from AnnualCreditReport and are denied because LifeLock has already used their once-a-year benefit, Experian says.
    Reprinted from My entrust (I use the tiny url link since the original link to the post is very long):
    To fight Identity theft always use a service that goes beyond just simple alerts, I personally use iDefend:

  12. I think many people confuse getting someone’s credit card stolen as the same thing as identity theft. Fixing a stolen credit card is one thing, trying to get back your “electronic identity” is something completely different.
    I’ve never had it happen to me, but I’ve known someone, that 10 years later, is still having occasional issues. No fun at all, and I’d like to think that LifeLock does it’s job in trying to prevent these crimes from happening.
    Anyone interested in getting more info, check out
    They offer some additional info, and an inexpensive “security package” that, among other benefits, includes LifeLock. Pretty inexpensive too…$15/month for individuals and $19/month for families.
    Good luck to all!

  13. Michaelnotmyrealname

    I checked out all the ID theft protection companies mentioned by posters on the Better Business website and found it quite interesting that LifeLock has an A+ rating even though they have had over 50 complaints logged. The site does show that the complaints were resolved.
    I would like to hear from the individuals that complained and how their complaints were resolved.
    Some of the other companies posters listed look ok but others listed here are questionable.
    Of the ID Theft Protection companies whose websites I checked out, I could not find out anything about how they protect the information that they collect from customers.
    Is the information encrypted in some way, is it shared with affiliates that store the info they get and is that information encrypted on their systems. How secure is their system from hackers, etc…? Maybe you can ask LifeLock these questions and if they will fully disclose the nature of the customer disputes they have had and how they resolved these complaints to retain their A+ rating with the BBB or is the BBB just a bogus, bought out organization any more that provides excellent ratings to anyone that pays for them?

  14. I have actually enjoyed reading your blog posts. You obviously know your stuff. I also really like it that your site is so easy to navigate.
    This interview with Lifelock is a bit old though, right?
    Still good and well done.
    I have bookmarked it in my favourites and will surely be back for more.

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