ACDSee Mac: ACDSee for the Mac OS is FINALLY here.

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Lots of people have been very pleased with the speed and reliability of ACDSee.

ACDSee is a great program for viewing, organizing, editing, and managing photos.

If you are a pro photographer, you likely already know about ACDSee.

The problem with ACDSee (up until now) is that it has not been available for the MAC OS. But now it is.

As a pro photographer working on a Mac, you will likely be very pleased with ACDSee’s latest news.

ACDSee Pro is known for being a lightning fast method to view, organize, and process photos (and other images) with precision and excellence.

Helping your Mac photography workflow move so much more quickly, ACDSee Pro for Mac will let you get more done.

This is especially important on those days after you’ve been out on a long shoot, which you know is the most difficult time of the day to come back and go work, after having been out taking photos all day (or all night).

One nice thing about the latest ACDSee Mac version is that it’s designed with the MAC OS in mind.

Rather than just adapting ACDSee to the Mac, they’ve built the program from scratch for the intuitive nature of Macs.

This means that ACDSee Pro for Mac is streamlined so that you can easily use the program and keep your focus where you want it… on your photos.

So what does ACDSee Pro for Mac allow you to do?

Find individual photos or groups of images using an amazing range of search possibilities.
You can also build your own more complex searches parameters which can be based on file properties, metadata, and Boolean logic.
You can access your while existing collection instantly instead of wasting time to importfiles that are already on your system or other devices connected via cables, Bluetooth, or wifi.
Using ACDSee Pro Mac can also let you view the EXIF fields, set and embed custom metadata for your photos, and edit IPTC information. You can also rate your photos, add keywords to any image, and create multiple categories that don’t require you to duplicate your files, but let you access them from within different tags or categories.

You can also apply these same features to non-image based files.

ACDSee Pro for Mac will let you view 27 different file types including RAW formats.

But here are my favorite features of ACDSee Pro for Mac:

When you make changes to images, you don’t have to save new files. Originals are always preserved.

Changes to photos happen in real-time, and you can create presets so that if you’re doing the same kinds of correction tasks, they can be applied with 1 click simplicity.

My other favorite feature is the batch tool, where you use your presets on an entire category, tag, or grouping of photos, so that it’s really 1-click simple.

And did I mention that it’s fast?

Looking at photos and files in a web browser or in the Mac OS, or in Photoshop and Adobe bridge is like surfing the net with a 14.4 modem. ACDSee is more like having a T1 or faster than DSL connection.

If you’d like a free trial, or are just itching to get your copy of ACDSee for MacOS, you can do that below.