4 Reasons You Might Want to Read Someone Else’s Texts

Aside from the obvious privacy implications (which we’ll address in a later article), and leaving out the moral implications of whether or not it’s ok to read someone else’s texts (even if the person whose texts you’re reading is your boyfriend, girlfriend, partner or spouse), here are four reasons you may want to read someone else’s texts.

1. You suspect your boyfriend is texting or talking to his ex and (rather than just having an open conversation about it) you decide you want to know what kinds of texts he’s been sending to his ex.   We recommend an open conversation first, but reading his texts might be a good way to find out if he’s cheating.   Communicate first, but if you still suspect he’s lying, you could read his texts.  (The same goes if it’s your girlfriend sending texts to her ex).

2. You suspect your partner/spouse/wife is having an affair.  She seems to sneak off to have private texts and seems to delete all of her texts right away.  (This could also be the case with a husband.) Again, we recommend an open conversation first.  But if that fails, you can still read deleted texts using a device like the Cell Phone Spy.

3. You’ve found a wireless device or cell phone that doesn’t appear to belong to anyone, but you don’t trust the lost and found.  You want to return the to it’s rightful owner.  Reading someone else’s texts might give you an insight into finding out who the phone belongs to.

4. You think your employees are texting during the hours they should be working, or you think your employees are divulging company or trade secrets via text message.  NOTE: This only works if you own the cell phones as the company owner.  Reading the texts of one of your employees (if the phone doesn’t belong to you) could land you in a lot of trouble.  But if it’s a company cell phone, and the employee has signed a waiver to receive that cell phone, then reading the content of those texts could be within your reach as an employer.

Again, we believe that open communication is always best.

Work FIRST to find open ways of communicating and talking about your fears.

But, if that fails, one cool little device that will help you is called the Cell Phone Spy.

It is basically a USB SIM Card Reader with software built into it which allows you to read the texts stored on that SIM card.

The Cell Phone Spy includes Recovery Pro software which allows you to backup the phone’s contacts, view the last 10 numbers dialed, and of course, view all deleted SMS text messages.

Read deleted texts and see previous phone calls with the Cell Phone SpyIf you find yourself spying on the texts of your partner or significant other, communicate your fears first.

If you still need a way to read your boyfriend’s texts to his ex, check into Cell Phone Spy.

It’s a bit on the expensive side, but worth it if it gives you peace of mind.

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