ZoneAlarm Free Download and ZoneAlarm Pro: Interview and Review

ZoneLabs/Checkpoint is another company we have been hearing a lot about at Identity Theft Secrets, mostly because of their ZoneAlarm product, but also because of their suite of products dealing with Internet Security.
Here’s a screenshot of what Zone Alarm Pro looks like:
Zone Alarm Pro Free Screenshot
Here’s our interview with John Gable from CheckPoint (which again, is the company which makes Zone Alarm). (We’ll post the transcript soon.)

Download the CheckPoint (ZoneAlarm) Interview (MP3) Here
For now, here are some quick basics on ZoneAlarm, and a couple of coupons we found for downloading ZoneAlarm free, and for saving $20 on ZoneAlarm Pro.

You can save $20 on ZoneAlarm Pro by clicking here
you can download ZoneAlarm for free here.

ZoneAlarm is a free download which includes a web and local network firewall with outbound program control and port stealthing.
It is criticized because the freeware version 6.5 does not work with Windows Hibernate and also cannot be completely uninstalled, unless the user follows additional instructions which must be carried out manually.
ZoneAlarm Pro is ZoneAlarm’s second most expensive product that offers a pop-up blocker, adware detection, identity protection, cookie blocker and process monitor.
It does not have Antivirus features. This Pro version is not currently compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista.
ZoneAlarm Anti-Spyware has all the features of ZoneAlarm Pro except for the privacy and identity theft features.
ZoneAlarm Antivirus is the original ZoneAlarm firewall with antivirus protection.
It’s Anti-Virus engine is powered by Kaspersky Labs.
ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite includes all the features of every product with additional IM security and an anti-spam filter engine provided by MailFrontier.
It is also the most expensive ZoneAlarm product.
IMSecure protects and encrypts chat from the following IM clients: (AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, ICQ, Trillian).
It protects the user’s personal information and other IM threats.
ZoneAlarm Force Field is ZoneAlarm’s virtualization engine that shields the computer and personal data from Internet and computer-based threats.
It also includes several layers of protection to combat phishing, spyware and dangerous file downloads.