X10 promos, coupons, and discount codes: X10 Codes for 2011 Savings

X10 Codes for BIG savings
I remember back in 1996, 1997, and 1998.

I would get these emails from a company called X10 security cameras.

They would always have some crazy deal on a camera or security system, and I remember visiting their site to see what the heck was going on.

Turns out, they were all legitimate deals, even though they seemed to be a bit gimmicky at the time.

But really, X10’s code (or company motto) was to make their money through small margins, but on high volume.

And it worked.

14 years later (has it really been that long?) X10 is still here, selling their cameras and security systems and going stronger than ever.

So today, in honor of the X10 code (small margins, big volume) which has allowed them to stay in business regardless of the economy, and in order to pass along these coupon codes to you, we’re sharing some of X10’s latest deals and promos.

If you want home security options, check out this promotion code which lets you save 70% on a home security system (limited time and limited quantities on this one):

Check out this 58% promo code for the Socialite LCD TV Remote for Facebook

Look at X10’s Home Security Camera with PC/Internet Monitoring (i.e. watch what’s going on where your camera is from anywhere on the Internet)

Congratulations to X10.com for being online now going on 15 years.

We hope you’ll see fit to take advantage of one of these promos they have going on.

From X10.com:

When you buy from X10.com through one of our promos or coupon codes, you get more than the lowest price and best product selection available in the security, surveillance and home automation organizations on the Web today.

With over than 30 years in business and online since 1996, X10 is both a manufacturer and Web retailer. Whether you are a huge company, a one-person small business or a family, you will find we deliver the lowest prices on the very best merchandise of its kind available on the Web

Quite a few companies play shell games with shipping. They give you a low price then rack up the shipping and “handling” costs to hide the true price of the product from you. At X10.com, you will always be aware of the true price of your order and all other product specifics before you use your credit card.

Bottom line: we include free shipping to U.S. addresses for every order over $50. Plus most orders ship out within two business days provided there are no problems with your billing address or credit card. Last, we provide you with a link so that you can track your order the minute it leaves our warehouse until it hits your doorway.

X10 Codes for BIG savings