Will Computer Viruses Get Stopped at Your Computer’s Checkpoint

Check Point is the latest in antivirus protection that is efficient, inexpensive, easy to use and rates highly with Consumer Reports. Read more to learn how this anti virus suite including antispywyare, rootkit detection, and firewall protection, can protect your computer, your information and maybe even your identity.

Imagine you’re out and about for hours on a sunny afternoon, with no sunscreen and no hat. With long term exposure and no protection, you’re going to get burned. The same rings true for high computer use without protection from the threats of viruses and identity thieves. Security software should protect both you and your computer. Your computer needs protection from viruses that can damage files but you need protection from spyware and hackers to prevent identity theft and damage to your credit. Being without a functional computer can be a real pain but having dysfunctional credit and illegitimate bills from identity theft can be a disaster.
Fortune 100 companies, as well as tens of thousands of organizations and businesses in every size are using Check Point. Check Point Zone Alarm solutions protect millions of PC users from spyware, hackers and identity theft.
What does Consumer Reports have to say about Check Point Zone Alarm Antivirus?
“Check Point costs less, both to buy and to maintain, and excelled in its ability to detect actual viruses without mistakenly singling out benign material as virus laden.”
Check Point Zone Alarm Antivirus was rated #2, with an overall 79 out of 100 points. Only 2 points less than the #1 rated Trend Micro.
Detection: Excellent
Features: Very good
Ease of Use: Very good
Scan Speed: Good
Features of Check Point Zone Alarm Antivirus:
*real time protection
*scan on demand
*scheduled scans
*IM scans
*the option to scan e-mail attachments
*rootkit detection
Check Point is a great value at $30.00 and unlike many protection programs the annual renewal fee decreases to only $20.00. This covers one PC. Check Point Zone Alarm Antivirus offers a free trial version for download as well.
Security suites are a better option if you require more features, with the simplicity of a single program, or need to cover more than one PC.
Check Point also offers Zone Alarm Security Internet Security Suite 7.0.
What does Consumer Reports have to say about Check Point Zone Alarm Security Internet Suite 7.0?
According to Consumer Reports, “[Check Point’s] anti-spam protection was first rate.”
Again, Check Point Zone Alarm Security Internet Suite 7.0 was ranked second, with 75 out of a possible 100 points, right behind Trend Micro that scored 81 points.
Antivirus: Very good
Antispyware: Very good
Antispam: Excellent
Completeness: Very good
Features of Check Point Zone Alarm Security Internet Suite 7.0:
In addition to the features above, the security suite also offers,
*ad/popup blocker
*child filter
*privacy protection
The Check Point Zone Alarm Security Internet Suite 7.0 is offered for $50.00 with only a $35.00 annual renewal fee.
At this time, it does not include anti-phishing features.
Check Point Zone Alarm Security Internet Suite 7.0 covers up to three computers.
Whether it is antivirus software or a security suite, protecting yourself from identity theft and protecting your computer from disabling threats is getting a bit easier and less expensive with competitive products like those from Check Point. Security protection is like a good sunscreen. The more time you spend in the sun, the more you need and the more time you spend on the computer, the more security protection you need. Don’t get burned by identity theft.