What is Spotmau Powersuite?

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For this write-up of SpotMau Powersuite, we’ve pretty much just copied and pasted the text from the Spotmau Powersuite web site to this post.

It’s a bit difficult to get an idea of what Spotmau Powersuite is and what it does on the Spotmau.com site, so we thought by putting the text here and clarifying it a little bit, you’d have a better chance and knowing whether or not this is the right software for your PC.

Improving, optimizing and maintaining your system is part of what Spotmau PowerSuite Golden Edition does.

The software also acts as an emergency kit. If you find yourself asking “What is going on with my computer?” You’ll find that Spotmau’s tools within PowerSuite are great for rescuing and recovering Windows systems.

As a computer owner, no one told you that you should have a toolbox for fixing problems, or a go-to person for fixing your computer. But like your car or yoru house, computers do need repairs from time to time. If you don’t want to pay the expensive computer repair bills, it’s smart to have a small arsenal of tools you can use to go after and fix any issue within your PC’s system.

Spotmau PowerSuite Golden Edition combines Spotmau PowerSuite 2011 and Spotmau BootSuite 2011.

That makes this software a simple and complete solution to help keep the repair man’s bills in check, and help you to solve computer problems with simplicity.

Here is a list of all the software that comes with Spotmau Powersuite:

  • PC Health Check – 360° PC health status check that provides you with an explicit Health Index evaluation and scan results. Check all of the most important items of your PC and Windows such as registry, hard disk, anti-virus, Windows and so on with just 1 click.
  • Windows Recovery – Complete solution to recover your corrupt Windows such as partition table recovery, master boot record, registry, lost/missing files recovery, etc.
  • Personal Safe – NEW technology that will protect your personal files more conveniently and safely than ever before by putting it in a location that can only be seen by the person who has the password.
  • Windows Crash Repair Center – Backup Windows, partition table, master boot record and registry periodically. Recover your damaged Windows, your registry, partition or master boot recode after a system crash.
  • Data Transfer – Backup your personal data before Windows reinstallation, transfer files to removable media/devices, or to a second, undamaged internal hard disk when Windows has crashed or the hard disk has been damaged.
  • TuneUp Kit – With this feature you will be able to clean your Windows registry; choose which programs and services to run automatically at Windows startup; optimize your network speed; clean your hard disk, Windows and IE/Firefox privacy data; remove unwanted applications; restore default settings of Internet Explorer and Firefox; manage your desktop icons and right click menu; backup IE favorites and take them anywhere you want.
  • Spotmau Secretary – Manages your daily duties and business schedules with ease.

There are also other tools that come within SpotMau Powersuite, but what we’ve listed above makes up the bulk of the program.

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