What is Babylon Software

Babylon Software
Free Download (Trial) through the link below

Babylon Software says that they have the number 1 most downloaded dictionary and translation software services available in the world today.

And that may be true.

Some of Babylon’s software packages come with words and translation help from some of the top names in translation and dictionaries.

Just to name a few you have probably heard of: Duden, Larousse, Langenscheidt, Merriam-Webster, Pons, and Taishukan.

What countries is Babylon available in?

Well, because their software is available for a free trial download online, pretty much any country which has open access to the Internet has downloaded Babylon software.

Officially, Babylon software can be found for sale in more than 200 countries/territories around the world. And the software has been installed on over 90 million desktops.

That alone should speak volumes about the quality of the software.

Also worth reviewing are the number of large name companies who use Babylon Software for their companies’ translation and dictionary needs.

Many businesses all over the world must really appreciate what Babylon’s translation and information retrieval products allow them to do within their organizations to both improve communication across international channels and help with overall productivity in the workplace.

Some of the companies using Babylon Software include:

Alcan (Germany)
Banco Central do Brasil (Brazil)
Daimler Chrysler (Germany)
Ernst & Young (Switzerland)
Gillette (Germany)
GlaxoSmithKline (Germany)
Hong Kong Monetary Authority (Hong Kong)
Industrias John Deere (Mexico)
John Deere (Brazil)
Liebherr Werk Bischofshofen (Austria)
Nestlé France (France)
Océ (Netherlands)
Sara Lee Branded Apparel (Italy)
Scania (Brazil)
Siemens (Brazil)
Toyota de Mexico (Mexico)
Tremec (Mexico)
Tyco Electronics (Austria)
UBS (Luxembourg)
Xerox (Netherlands)

And that’s just a small number of the companies actually using Babylon.

Reviewing the list, it’s easy to see what proof Babylon has to back up the claim that they are the most preferred translation software in the world today.

We’ll be back later with a review of Babylon Software.

Hopefully though, we’ve offered you an insight into what Babylon Software is, and how it might help you.

If you would like a free trial download of Babylon 9 software, it is available through the link below.

Babylon Software
Free Download (Trial) through the link below