Webroot Window Washer Coupon Code

Window Washer Coupon Code
(50% off Webroot Internet Security Essentials Coupon)

Have something on your computer that you want to hide – like permanently?

Been surfing on websites that you don’t want your significant other/parents/children/roommates to know about?

You can wash your computer clean.  Such is the promise of Webroot’s Window Washer, a product that IdentityTheftSecrets has scored a coupon code next to in this post.

I think all the metaphors employed by Webroot in the marketing of their Window Washer clean up tool are quite fun (and a little funny – odd funny).

Window Washer is software designed to “wash” your internet activity completely, making you look squeaky clean in the process.

This means that Window Washer is coded to remove your full history on the Internet, including the address bar, cache, cookies, and more.

And Window washer is now available for Firefox as well.

Eraser (but more like in the context you would use to erase your paper)

They also have a feature within Window Washer called “Bleaching.”  In the laundry, what does bleach do?  It can wash everything to pure white, or even burn holes in fabric and making it completely unrecognizable.

Bleaching in terms of Window Washer is more like taking a sharpie and drawing stick figures all over a piece of paper, turning each letter into a symbol for something else.  Within Window Washer, bleaching will completely overwrite files with random characters and gobbledygook code.  If you want to make sure no one can ever do anything with the file (you know, that file where you stored that thing you don’t ever want anyone to see), bleaching can make that happen.

Bleaching with the Webroot Window Washer method surpasses the redaction standards of both the National Security Agency and the United States Department of Defense.

These Highlights of Window Washer Privacy Software come direct from Webroot:

  • Expanded support for over 530 popular third-party programs
  • User-friendly interface makes it faster and easier to keep privacy protected
  • Computer privacy software that erases tracks of sites you’ve visited
  • Improves system performance by safely removing unnecessary files and disk clutter
  • Permanently deletes and overwrites files with encryption technology that exceeds U.S. Department of Defense and National Security Agency security standards
  • Highly rated by independent reviews
  • Can be set to clean your computer on a regular schedule, such as after every browser session, system start-up, or system shut-down