Webroot Internet Security Essentials 2010/2011 Review

Webroot Internet Security Complete
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Webroot Internet Security Essentials 2010 was a security system designed well to be used in defense of your computer.  But, we’re almost done with 2010!

Hard as it may be to believe that 2010 is all but over, in 2011, Webroot Internet Security encompasses a few different products.  Webroot still is using it’s strong background in multi-layered protection tools so that shopping, banking and other web transactions are secure.

Webroot Internet Security Complete enables you to access and manage your passwords, online accounts and personal files from anywhere. my.webroot.com gives you a place to have an account which securely stores almost any data you want it to. Webroot stores your passwords using the highest data security standards.  No security is 100% safe, but when it comes to protecting your information, you want the best kind of protection money can buy.  Webroot uses the same standards that the Government of the United States uses for Top Secret data. Again, no security is 100% perfect, but if you’re going to store information online somewhere, Webroot’s security methods are among the best for protecting your data once it’s stored with them.

Sometimes I have a hard time with these kinds of backup services, because I figure that if my passwords are being stored somewhere online, then they’re easily hacked.  However, for most people unaware of how to set up their own security, any Internet-connected device (computer, laptop, iphone, or smartphone) poses a much greater threat than storing your information with a company like Webroot.

As with Webroot Internet Security 2010, Webroot Internet Security 2011 will secure and encrypts passwords, fill in forms on the Internet, monitor internet transactions for fraud, and block Internet scams designed to cause you to unwittingly trust how something looks, or how someone relates to you, so that you will share your information.  As with Internet Security Essentials, Internet Security complete will help to protect you against your own good nature.

Spy Sweeper is included with Webroot Internet Security Complete 2011, combining some of the best antispyware and antivirus protection in one product.

Webroot also includes a System Cleanup utility with this product, so that the unnecessary files cached after surfing can be removed easily and effortlessly.  In addition, the “shredder” function permanently deletes sensitive files and folders, making them completely unrecoverable.

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Webroot Internet Security Complete
(50% off Webroot Internet Security Essentials Coupon)

2 thoughts on “Webroot Internet Security Essentials 2010/2011 Review”

  1. Software works on 2 PC’s, not on 3rd. Support Lacks!

    1. I had a horrific virus hit my desktop at home.
    2. Contacted and paid for Webroot’s take control of PC to fix it. I purchased an extension to Webroot’s Anti Virus Spy Sweeper thereafter, I upgraded to their Internet Security Complete for 3 PC’s.
    3. They found and deleted most viruses on the PC, however one was still there. They continued to work this.
    4. However I had to call back as their new software was not working on my PC.
    5. They blamed this on MicroSoft’s Silverlight. They told me to contact MS as it was not our problem.
    6. I tried this, also downloaded Silverlight, nothing seemed to work. Also uninstalled their product multiple times and reinstalled – did not work!
    7. Then, I realized that how can this be MS’s issue? Webroot was paid (by me) $150.00 to take control o f my PC and fix it, however it still does not work. Since I have 2 laptops running with the latest Webroot software, I am not 100% unsatisfied, yet 98% NOT SATISFIED. WEBROOT SUPPORT CONSTANTLY WAS ASKING ME TO GET MS TO FIX THIS WHEN IN FACT THIS IS THEIR ISSUE!!!
    8. For this PC, I am going to BitDefender. Cross my fingers on better support from them.
    9. I just think it SUCKS that Webroot takes the $$ and says see ya! CRAPPY SUPPORT – ENOUGH TO MAKE YA LEAVE (AFTER LICENSE RUNS OUT FOR ANOTHER YEAR)!!!!
    11. FOR WEBROOT’S BENEFIT – CASE DESCRIPTION & NUMBER: Cannot get WR ISC to pop up – [Incident: 101116-000211].

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