Vontae Davis, NFL Dolphins Player & Other Pro Athletes Are Victims of Identity Theft

Pro athletes in the news, is well, nothing new. Pro athletes being arrested isn’t shocking either. Vontae Davis, the Dolphin’s top draft pick, a former corner back for the University of Illinois, was reported to have been arrested in Illinois on June 9 for a traffic violation. “Yawn,” says the public.
Even though it was in fact Vontae Davis’s driver’s license presented to the arresting officer, the plot thickens. Vontae Davis had an alibi. This wasn’t a misleading tabloid story. This was a case of identity theft.
Months earlier, Vontae Davis’s driver’s license had stolen. It was now invalid, as Davis had replaced it. However, it apparently passed muster when presented to an officer during an arrest following a traffic stop in Champaigne, Illinois.
Davis may not have been the wiser until two weeks later his name made the news with reports that he had been arrested. Davis and his NFL Dolphin’s team maintained that he was in fact in South Florida on June 9th.
“There was no way he could have been in Illinois,” argued Dolphin’s senior vice-president, Harvey Green.
Vontae Davis comments:
“We talk about this stuff every week in our player development meetings [with the Dolphins],” said Davis, “To actually see it happen to you, you’re like, ‘Wow.’ It wakes you up, like this stuff is serious. It’s really serious.”
Davis had canceled his credit card and bankcards, as well as replaced his driver’s license at the time of the theft. The Champaigne Police Department has put the case on hold while they complete an “internal investigation.”
“They’re still investigating,” Davis said, “actually trying to find my old license.”
The Champaigne, Illinois Police comment:
Deputy Chief John F. Murphy shared, “We are satisfied that [Vontae Davis] was not the individual we had contact with June 9, 2009. We are working to identify who the individual actually is and pursue charges against him. We regret any embarrassment or inconvenience this situation has caused Mr. Davis.”
Identity Thieves Make Many “Hail Mary” passes at Pro Athlete’s Identities
There was the bizarre case of “Lambo weezy” in which an imposter had more than 1,200 tweeters following him on Twitter.com believing that he was Davone Bess, the Dolphins receiver.
The Dolphins aren’t the NFL team that gets targeted for identity theft. In Wichita, Kansas, two men were caught using the identities of two former NFL players to buy motorcycles. The stolen identities were that of Dexter Coakley, former linebacker for the St. Louis Rams and Gary Sayre, a former Cowboys draft pick.
Frederick McGrew should really get the “Hail Mary” identity theft award. He stole the identity of deceased NFL star Lawrence McGrew to secure a job as football coach at Gavilian College. Despite being on probation with a probation order to not use Lawrence McGrew’s identity again, Frederick McGrew continued to use the stolen identity for a job application, a rental application and a checking account.
“Being in the National Football League, there’s a target on everybody’s back,” Vontae Davis said. “Everywhere you go you just have to know people are watching.”

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