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Identity Theft
phishing and ATM fraud


ATM Skimming

“Skimming” is the latest electronic device employed by thieves to separate consumers from their hard-earned cash.  A sophisticated device reads all of your account information that is stored electronically on the magnetic stripe on the back of any ATM, debit or credit card.  Depending on the level of sophistication, the device may even be able to read the personal identification number (or PIN) used to access the account.  The thieves can quickly empty the account and go on to their next victim.

ATM skimmers may or may not interfere with actual ATM operation, which makes the fraud difficult to detect by unknowing consumers.  Law enforcement reports that the thieves are competent, the equipment professional and the technology sophisticated.  Recently, in New York, a crime ring installed more than 20 modified ATMs, compromised more than 26,000 accounts and caused losses to consumers of over $3.5 million dollars before the case was solved by authorities. 

Savvy consumers should be aware of anything that looks odd or out of place at the ATM, including an extra faceplate or unusual signage on the unit.  Be wary of strangers that want to help you use the ATM – they may be shopping for your PIN number as well.  If your card is not returned to you immediately after using the ATM, contact your financial institution immediately to report the missing card.


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