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Dateline NBC's To Catch an ID Thief: Identity Theft Episode 2

This is the second installment in what is a brilliant piece of journalism - To Catch an Identity Thief.

You can also see the first half of "To Catch an Identity Thief".

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- - - - - - - Sticky Security: Smart Cards Versus Magnetic Stripe Credit Cards

In this video, MSNBC does a great job detaining some of the problems with Smart Cards.


It's likely that you have seen a smart card, either using a smart card yourself or via watching someone else use one.

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- - - - - - - To Catch An Identity Thief - Dateline NBC

To catch an identity thief is a dateline NBC special that ran about a week ago. Dateline went out using Dan Clements' (from Card Cops) help, the help of a few credit card companies, and the use of their programmers, to create an entire world in order to ensnare an identity thief.

What they show in these videos is a lot of what we show you here on, so it's good that they're contributing to educating people. We've taked a lot on IdentityTheftSecrets about phishing and we've even shown you, where people's information is actually being bought and sold, still to this day.

What's so amazing and scary about this series of videos (that Dateline did such an excellent job with) is that these people are being duped into thinking that what they're doing is actually a good thing. They believe that they actually have some sort of business, and that the person they're working with is actually a real legitimate person.

In fact, what's actually happening is that they're committing a crime. They don't even know that they're committing a crime, but when it comes down to it they could be charged for being an accessory. Ignorance of laws is never a defense.

The other thing that could happen to these people who have been duped. Is that they can actually be sued by the people whose credit card numbers were used to purchase this merchandise. The credit card companies could also sue these people. Even though they aren't the ones using the credit card. They are the ones accepting the merchandise.

One of the things that is really sad about an identity thief preying on this sort of a person. Is it that what they're preying on is these people's insecurities about themselves.

You'll see here in these videos that these are people who are looking for a husband or a wife, or that they are lacking something in their current relationships. And what this identity thief (or identity Theft Ring) is providing, in addition to a source of income, is a boost to these people's egos. The thief is also providing for these people a sense of companionship that these individuals have likely not had in their lives, (at least from the looks of things not recently in their lives).

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- - - - - - - How an ATM Card Switch Scheme Works

This type of fraud scheme is less likely to happen to someone bscause it requires physical interaction with a victim, and requires the people committing the crime to actually be caught by the ATM's video camera.

However, it is very interesting to see how an ATM Card Switch scheme works in real life.

Watch the video below to see what I mean.

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- - - - - - - Identity Theft Presentation in Colorado Springs

On December 9, I presented at the Colorado Springs Auditorium for a group of independent business people who all market the services offered by a particular company.

I actually "stole" someone's Identity from the front of the room.

To watch the video of the event, simply click play below.

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- - - - - - - Identity Theft Prevention Feature of Internet Explorer 7

One of the nice features of Internet Explorer Seven is that it has a phishing alert build right into the software. What this means is that when you're using Internet Explorer 7, if someone has reported a site as a phishing site, that you can know about it as you're visiting the site. It's a nice security and social networking feature built right into the browser, and is a great deterrent, although not foolproof, way to let people help each other provide some sense of security about surfing the Internet.

Watch the video below to see an example of Internet Explorer 7's Phishing site alert in action.

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- - - - - - - The Social Security Administration on An Unsuspecting Public

Does the Social Security Administration care about Identity Theft? Yes, they do.

Was their PR, in this case, doing a very poor job of explaining that the Social Secuirty Administration actually does care about Identity Theft and phishing?

Watch below. You be the judge.

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- - - - - - - DIY Identity Theft versus having someone do it for you

When you become a victim of Identity Theft, there are two basic paths you can choose to take. Work hard to try and restore your identity yourself, or have a company that does actual restoration take over the Identity theft restoration for you.

I have talked before about the only solution I feel is a viable solution for having someone else do it for you, and why, I think, you should have someone else do it for you.

When you become a victim of Identity Theft, it's like having your vehicle break down in the middle of the highway.

Your options

Do it yourself
You can probably hook up a tow rope

Try to listen in and diagnose what went wrong

Spend time and money learning how fix cars and working to fix what went wrong


Hire someone
Call the tow truck

Take it to a trained professional who has the ability to test with equipment you don't own

Pay a trained expert to spend the time and money working to fix what went wrong.

Some people like to fix their own cars. Me? Unless it's a little issue, I would much rather take it to someone else and let them fix my car.

Same goes with my identity.

My bias is clearly toward having someone else fix it for you. Even with as much as I know about Identity Theft, (especially with as much as I know about Identity Theft) I still make sure that I have a plan to have an attorney and a restoration specialist when I'm going through the process of restoring my name.

The Federal Trade Commission offers some good tips in the deter section of this video below. Even though I've never seen any conclusive studies that show shredding your documents will prevent Identity Theft, it's still just a good idea.

The Federal Trade Commission is now into the full swing of their deter, detect, and defend program. The FTC's bias seems to lean toward having people restore their own identities.

If you're in that camp, then the Windows Media video below, from the Federal Trade Commission, explains some good ideas if you want to try to restore your own identity.

pluginspage = ""

Visit the FTC online at

Or take a look at what I feel is the real problem of losing your information and the real solution to Identity Theft for individuals.

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- - - - - - - Third CardersMarket Video

In this video, we show and how they help new Carders (beginners) get started into the Market of buying and selling other people's information.

As we talked about yesterday, states that they're just allowing a place for illegal activitiy to be discussed, and not really participating in any illegal activity themselves.

They are, however, also teaching beginners on how to get involved in the scene.

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- - - - - - - Second video discussing

In this video, we highlight CardersMarket's position. states that they're just allowing a place for illegal activitiy to be discussed, and not really participating in any illegal activity themselves.

Carder's Market points out that it isn't a crime to discuss illegal activity (at least not in the United States and many other free-thinking countries). When that discussion turns into action is when there is a crime which actually occurs.

It's a super-gray line that is being walked here, and not one which I'm a fan of.

However, watch the video below and make your own determination of what's actually going on at

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- - - - - - - CardersMarket A Site for Illegal Activity

Want to take a look inside the forum? Take a look at the video below. is a web site where people's information is being bought and sold as a commodity.

The transactions aren't actually taking place on the forum itself, but the discussions and interactions are, nonetheless, taking place on this message board.

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- - - - - - - Southern California Students Lose Information to Identity Theft

The daily Trojan, which is the Student Newspaper for the University of Southern California, today is reporting that the Los Angeles Police Department is investigating 16 USC Identity Theft crimes.

What’s interesting is that between August 4th and September 5th, someone used student, faculty, and staff account, to make unauthorized ATM Withdrawls, purchase things fraudulently on the Internet, and open unauthorized credit card accounts. Peter Tom, the vice president of member services for the USC Credit Union, says that he didn’t know about the LAPD investigation, and doesn’t really know why this could be taking place.

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- - - - - - - Interview with CEO of Identity Theft protection company

This interview is from 1999. You'll note from the video that the company had 425,000 memberships in 1999. Today, the company has more than three times that many members, and they're all on a month-to-month service, meaning that they can cancel at any time.

See the solution to Identity theft that this company has created

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- - - - - - - Citibank Identity Theft Commercials

Someone posted these online, so I thought I would share with you here.

Please make sure to leave your comments below!

In my opinion, Citibank's product won't protect your identity (their protection won't charge you to protect your own cards through CIti, but it doesn't help with your credit identity, your social security identity, your medical identity, etc., unless you pay extra). However, their marketing department is really, really brilliant.

Don't take my word for it with regard to their "Identity Theft" service, check it out for yourself. If you think that the Citi Identity Theft plan is a complete solution for Identity Theft, then it is recommended that you really understand what you're getting.

But please, do enjoy the Identity Theft videos, courtesy Citi marketing.

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- - - - - - - The Path of Identity Theft and What People Don't Understand

What people don't understand about identity theft is that once your information is stolen, it's gone forever. You can never be sure that your information, taken through a phishing site, data breaches, or other types of scams, will ever be secure again. Why?

There is a reseller network. This is a network of people who are buying and selling information, and through a series of resellers, your information gets sold to the highest bidder. This thief is usually not the person who actually got a hold of your information in the first place, but they are the person who will cause the most damage to your name.

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- - - - - - - New PayPal Spoof email

Check out this new PayPal Spoof video.

One of the interesting things about this email "from PayPal" is that they are actually trying to show you an email that offers you things such as "Identity Protection Highlights" and "Ways to Spot phishing emails" even though this is a phishing email itself.

Check out the newest PayPal Phishing email here.

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- - - - - - - The IRS offers you tips on figting Identity Theft

While the IRS has put together this video to help potential future victims of Identity Theft protect themselves, it's really rather ridiculous...

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- - - - - - - More Sophisticated PayPal Phishing

Yes, the phishers are still getting better.

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- - - - - - - Scandinavian Carding Stealing you

At ScandinavianCarding, your information may already be up for grabs!

Carders and identity thieves want your information for their Identity Theft.

Want to see who's stealing you?

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- - - - - - - More ebay Phishing - check out the tips!

Ebay Phishing!

Hello Identity Theft Secrets Super Sleuths! Here's another ebay phishing email that you mgiht find helpful!

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- - - - - - - New Super Sleuths Video

Greetings to all the SuperSleuths!

In case you haven't seen it yet, I posted a new video today over at

It's a new take on the same old PayPal Phishing Scam.

Thought you might find it interesting!

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- - - - - - - You have added an address to your PayPal account

- PayPal Phishing still alive and well -

You have added an address to your PayPal account.

But you better not confirm it

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- - - - - - - eBay PowerSellers phishing

Become an eBay PowerSeller!

Except that if you do, you become a victim of an eBay phishing site.

Check out how this eBay phishing site actually looks like an eBay page!

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- - - - - - - Mazafaka - no kidding.

So was a site that was set up to sell people's personal information to crooks for purposes of fraud and Identity Theft.

This site is now down, but hundreds of sites like it have sprung up.

Want to see your Credit Card Numbers posted online?

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- - - - - - - Zabasearch anyone's personal information

Ever heard of Zabasearch? They definitely know you. Zaba Search anyone's personal information.

Identity Theft Much? Scary stuff.

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- - - - - - - Mastercard loses 40 million names and credit card numbers

"For everything else... there's Mastercard..."

MasterCard Identity Theft

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- - - - - - - Real World Examples of Identity Theft

Check out some ways Identity Theft happens that don't have anything to do with the Internet.

Real World Examples of Identity Theft

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- - - - - - - Online Scam - Phishing HSBC Style

A phishing site designed to damage HSBC Credibility

Damaging HSBC with Phishing

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- - - - - - - Phishing Wells Fargo Style

A Phishing Site built to damage Wells Fargo's credibility.

Phishing - Wells Fargo Example

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- - - - - - - Phishing - Washington Mutual Style

Want to see an example of a Phishing Site? This one was built to damage Washington Mutual's credibility.

Phishing-Washington Mutual Example

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- - - - - - - Phishing Site - Sun Trust Bank Style

Want to see an example of a Phishing Site? This one was built to damage Sun Trust Bank's credibility.

Phishing "Sun Trust Bank Style"

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- - - - - - - I sent myself an Identity Theft email with a virus

The Identity Theft Email/Virus email, I "Sent" to myself

Identity theft email I sent to myself

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- - - - - - - Terrorists using Phishing Sites

Examples of terrorists using Phishing to fund their operations

Terrorist Phishing site

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- - - - - - - Original PayPal Scams - Anyone want to go Phishing?

PayPal Scam and Phishing. Want to go Phishing via PayPal?

Original PayPal Phishing Site

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- - - - - - - Original Ebay Scam and phishing attempt

Here's the original eBay scam/phishing attempt.

The original eBay phishing scam

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- - - - - - -


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