UserGate proxy and firewall 5.2

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With UserGate from Entensys, you have the ultimate control over how your network is used.

You can control every aspect of how the Internet is used from within your network, down to the individual computer level.

This includes the ability to block websites (you can make the judgment call about whether or not those sites are related to work), manage the bandwith for your users (especially helpful for people within your user network who think that work is the place for them to download music and movies).

Sharing Internet access between employees in your company can be a complex task while identifying and blocking against specific threats coming through the various habits of individual users.

UserGate is a simple solution with a great deal of complexity built in.

But it’s not complex to use, unlike much of the network level Proxy and Firewall software available today.

Usergate works to calculate traffic needs while working as a vigilant defender against any malicious threats. This includes threats which originate within your local network as well as threats from connections to the Internet.

UserGate’s flexibility is one of it’s strengths for small to mid-sized companies.

Instead of just applying a large company solution to your business, or using some (small) end consumer software on each computer in your network, Usergate really gives you a level of control and access over all aspects of your network.

This is perfect for small to medium sized business, and includes giving you access control to be able to decide how your proxy works and how strict of a firewall you use.

Aside from controlling what’s coming in to your network, you can have a strong set of web filters through BrightCloud’s Service, which is built right into Usergate. With this functionality, you can set up web filters for certain kinds of web sites. This helps you to improve employee productivity through controlling the sites your employees can access from work. You can also see user statistics by individual user, or as a comprehensive report. UserGate reports can be accessed inside of UserGate, or via Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome, etc.

And now, finally, we come to the features of UserGate you probably came to this post to read about, UserGate’s proxy and firewall.

UserGate’s Proxy service
By including NAT and application-layer proxy capabilities, the UserGate Proxy becomes the point of entry for a local network to access anything outside of the network.

The proxy service provided by UserGate lets you manage shared employee Internet access, even ing multiple Internet Service Providers if you have chosen to provide redundancy within your company through multiple ISP’s.

UserGate Proxy will also enable you to avoid congestion of traffic by effectively allocating your network’s available resources. If you choose to, you can route different users to different ISPs through the proxy.

UserGate will allow you to assign dynamic IPv6 addresses in your local network, and resource publishing features will give you the ability to access your company’s internet resources from outside your local network.

That’s sending traffic out from your network.

Traffic coming into your network is covered under UserGate’s Advanced firewall, as well as UserGate’s support for VPN.

UserGate VPN traffic can be set up to come through PPTP and L2TP/IPSec protocols.

Alternatively, UserGate’s network resources publishing will let you set up a VPN server in the local network, and make only that server have remote access.

UserGate Firewall
Of course you want a firewall which protects your local network against hacker attacks.

What UserGate’s firewall will also give you are features like forwarding and port mapping.

Through UserGate, you also can open a DMZ behind or outside of the firewall.

There are many more benefits to the proxy and firewall offered by UserGate from Entensys.

If these sound like features you want for your network, check out UserGate today.

Get Entensys UserGate Proxy and Firewall 5.2 (or learn more at Entensys)