URGENT: Identity Theft and Child Pornography, Oregon Police Need Help

Police arrested a man on charges of Identity Theft and forgery, but when they started going through his computer, they found connections to child pornography.
I’ve long said that the ethics of someone who would live on the hard work and credibility of someone else’s name is likely to be the kind of person who would commit crimes other than identity theft.
Even knowing that from the outset, even before I started this site over 4 years ago, this hurts my heart, and it bothers me to even be the one bringing this news into your day.
But if we can do some good by getting the word out sharing this news (however terrible), and helping to track down the people who may have these kids and be doing who knows what with them, then this will have been worthwhile to pass along.
The news story is below if you want to watch it.
Mostly, if you have been to, or live in, Oregon and can identity anything that is in the pictures and video below, your information can be very valuable to Oregon police.

Does anything/anyone in any of the pictures below look familiar to you?

Andrew Kowalczyk is the suspected identity thief that was arrested, and whose computer they found pictures on…

These women are somehow related to the suspected identity thief (maybe the mothers of the children?) potentially involved somehow in the child pronography…

The investigation started when a Portland man, identified by police as 33-year-old Andrew Kowalczyk, was arrested at a Puyallup motel on Dec. 27 on suspicion of forgery and identity theft.
Police said they believe he lived in the motel room and used his computer and other equipment to forge documents.
According to authorities, Kowalczyk has an extensive criminal history that includes assault and threatening others with a gun. Kowalczyk was booked into the Pierce County Jail
Puyallup police said they hoped someone can help identify which hotel the pictures were taken in and that the information will lead them to the children. Investigators said they believe the children are endangered and could possibly be in Oregon or Washington.
Anyone with information is urged to call Puyallup police at 253-841-5421.

If you are in Oregon or Washington, or if you know anyone in Oregon and Washington, please forward this along and ask for their help in getting these children out of harm’s way.
Again, sorry to bring you such terrible news, but perhaps through the power of the network of amazing individuals connected with Identity Theft Secrets, we can help the Oregon police.

(If this video runs an ad, it’s being controlled by the news station, and please accept my apologies. I think that they should remove advertising from a story as serious as child pornography related to an identity thief, but apparently they don’t agree.)

3 thoughts on “URGENT: Identity Theft and Child Pornography, Oregon Police Need Help”

  1. Well, at this point, I think the guy’s already getting what’s coming to him. The bigger concern here is recovering the children before any (further) damage is done to them.
    So, thank-you for forwarding it along.

  2. HA… HA… okay, so, my son, who has been falsely accused of having cp on his computer, who had an open wireless and unsecured computer, and the police found IP addresses tracking email account sign ins into washington (my son’s in oregon, never been to WA), now looks at me when I hand him this article and says: When do we get to know WHOSE identities he stole? Wow. He’s been professing his innocence for months, worried that maybe somebody hacked him, and now this? Thank you for this article – in fact – thank you with my eternal soul for this article. Finally, some truth coming out of the cases the LEA are handling.
    Not only do we need to catch this guy, we need to put him up on a pedastal, for all to see, so that the next time an innocent like my son, Matt Bandy or Julie Amero explain their innocence beyond a reasonable doubt, and the prosecution can’t prove it, just imply it, before an ignorant jury sentences those people to imprisonment because they know nothing about technology – just maybe – this will teach them. Heck, maybe the cops will quit chasing innocent people and focus now on the bad guys – and we CAN save the children — BEFORE this kind of thing continues…

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