TrustedID Review and Promotional Code

If you would like to have a free month to review TrustedID, plus get an ACTUAL free copy of your credit report, check out the offer TrustedID has put together in the promotional offer below.

Free Credit Score from all three bureaus plus Complete Identity Protection. You can TrustedID for free for 14 days.

Basically, the promotional code which runs (from the text link above or the image link below) gives you a month to review TrustedID’s services. And you get a 3 bureau copy of your credit report too.

Review Trustedid for free with this promotional codel

TrustedID Review
People’s biggest complaint about TrustedID seems to be that they get signed up for the service without knowing about it… Perhaps TrustedID comes bundled with some other services that people don’t know they’re signing up for.

Perhaps there are insurance agents or mortgage brokers or other trusted people who are offering a free review month to their customers/clients as part of signing up for other services? I don’t really know.

But if you join trustedID and decide you don’t like it, or you need to cancel your service due to finances or any other reason, it’s easy enough to simply cancel.

So I’m not too sure what that complaint is about.

You can also communicate directly with TrustedID (and I’ve found TrustedID’s CEO and founder Scott Mitic to be very amiable and easy to talk with).

One good way to communicate with TrustedID is on their blog.

Few people ever comment regularly on big company blogs, but if you post even 5 insightful or useful comments on new and old posts over a month, the site’s content manager (sometimes the head of the company is the site owner), will start to know who you are.

The trick is to be helpful and offer genuine review comments of the content of THAT blog post. So for example, you wouldn’t want to be posting in this review of TrustedID about dog grooming online, even if you are legitimately an online dog groomer. (How does that even work anyway? I get blog spam all the time from “online dog groomer”. Can you groom a dog online? Doesn’t it sort of require that you’re standing next to the dog to groom him/her? Weird. Anyhoo…)

If you want to be of value to this blog post, you might compare this review to a review of Lifelock or a review of IDWatchdog, or you might point out your own complaint about TrustedID (or positive experience) if you had one (just as a couple examples).

From the TrustedID Blog:

The TrustedID Blog is written by the company’s co-founders, Scott Mitic and Omar Ahmad. We spend our days reading and thinking about identity theft, and have yet to find a single source that gives Americans an overview of news, innovations, and public policy related to preventing identity theft. So here is our solution: a blog that provides a summary of the most interesting and important information we come across each day. We’d love to hear from you with tips or comments [right here on TrustedID’s site.

So… there’s just one of many good ways to communicate directly with TrustedID, if you should ever have an issue.

We’ll talk more about TrustedID in the coming week or two, as we’ve always had a good impression of the company.

If you would like a month to review TrustedID’s services with no obligation to continue your service, plus get a free copy of your credit report, use the promotional code for that (by clicking in the coupon below).

Free Credit Score from all three bureaus plus Complete Identity Protection–TrustedID, review for 14 days for free.

Review Trustedid for free with this promotional codel