Third CardersMarket Video

In this video, we show and how they help new Carders (beginners) get started into the Market of buying and selling other people’s information.
As we talked about yesterday, states that they’re just allowing a place for illegal activitiy to be discussed, and not really participating in any illegal activity themselves.
They are, however, also teaching beginners on how to get involved in the scene.


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4 Responses to “Third CardersMarket Video”

  1. ncXVI Says:

    Not even a thank-you for quoting me? I’m hurt.. .;) – ncXVI

  2. IdentityTheftSecrets Says:

    Not a quote I would be too proud of, but I did give you the credit for the quote, right?
    No need really to thank-you for supporting those who would profit at the great expense of others.

  3. illusionist Says:

    ncXVI you are f****d up

  4. IncillInent Says:

    SO this guy who levels acconts
    Is giving away accounts
    this is not my site