The Path of Identity Theft and What People Don’t Understand

What people don’t understand about identity theft is that once your information is stolen, it’s gone forever. You can never be sure that your information, taken through a phishing site, data breaches, or other types of scams, will ever be secure again. Why?
There is a reseller network. This is a network of people who are buying and selling information, and through a series of resellers, your information gets sold to the highest bidder. This thief is usually not the person who actually got a hold of your information in the first place, but they are the person who will cause the most damage to your name.

The challenge? The reseller network hangs on to your name FOREVER, where it can be sold, re-sold, and sold again, each time, netting the invisible network head a small amount of money, for which they will likely never be prosecuted.
How can you secure your information? The sad truth is that you can’t. If you think your information is safe, you’re simply naive.
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