The IRS offers you tips on figting Identity Theft

While the IRS has put together this video to help potential future victims of Identity Theft protect themselves, it’s really rather ridiculous…

Think about it.
This is not that the IRS has an interest in punishing innocent people, but if the IRS can double collect from an unknowing or otherwise ignorant taxpayer, (who doesn’t understand that the reason their taxes were underpaid was because they’re being taxed for a job they never worked, in a state where they have never been,) then what’s the real incentive for the IRS to help you when you become a victim of Identity Theft?
Think I’m making this up? Check out this article
“I-Team 8 has discovered a new target for identity thieves. Your government makes it easy. Jack Eller, fraud victim, says the red flags only go up when you owe the government money, not vice versa.”
So if you become a victim of Identity Theft, it’s your job to know that you owe taxes for a job you’ve never even been to.
To the IRS’ credit, they did go to the effort of putting together this video, and they do seem to be taking some proactive steps towards helping consumers, but I hear, nearly every day, how unhelpful and unresponsive government agencies are towards Identity Theft victims.
Thanks for the informative video IRS, but the pace of the criminals is definitely faster than your response.