How to Read Someone Else’s Texts: (Part 1 of 2)

We’ve already talked about why you might want to read someone else’s texts.

Your boyfriend is cheating, you suspect. Your wife is having an affair, you think. Open communication is always best, you know, so you’ve attempted to talk to your significant other about this issue.

They still remain secretive.

So, you’ve decided that communication isn’t working. You suspect there’s something going on and think that you could get the low down if you could read their texts.

Today, we have a two part post going more in-depth about the challenges of reading someone else’s texts.

In the first part, we are going to talk about common ways to read someone else’s texts. In the second part, we will talk about the moral and social implications, as well as opportunities and challenges presented when you decide to pick up their cell phone and read their texts.

So, Part 1.

Here are 5 times/places/methods you could use for reading your partner’s texts.

  1. You can read your partner’s or boyfriend’s texts when he’s in the shower
  2. You can read your wife’s texts when she’s out for a jog or walking the dog
  3. You can attempt to read your partner’s texts while they go to the bathroom (though be quick about it)
  4. You can read their texts while they’re sleeping
  5. Your phone battery could run out and you need to “borrow” theirs for a couple of hours.

These are five of many ways people get a hold of someone else’s phone to read the texts on it.

3 ideas for how to read someone else’s texts:

  1. Pick up their phone and read the texts like we’ve mentioned above.  (It’s free, but can’t read deleted texts)
  2. Pull out their SIM card and follow the how to that accompanies most devices for reading SIM cards. An example of a SIM Card Reader would be the Cell Phone Spy. Even though this is moderately expensive, people will buy a device like the Cell Phone spy because it lets you read deleted texts (in addition to texts currently on the phone). Most SIM card readers plug into a computer where you can copy the content of the text into a document, email, etc.
  3. Get a wireless “sniffer” to read and decode text messages. This may sound like science fiction, but there are devices which will let you read someone else’s text messages passing through the air around you. Usually the quality devices for wireless reading of text messages are the most expensive. (If someone tries to sell you a wireless text reading device for less than $250, make sure you read the fine print very carefully.) If you’re wanting a good device for reading texts wirelessly, check out the professional grade INSERT PRODUCT HERE.

This concludes part 1: How to read someone else’s texts.

Read on for part 2: Is it okay to read someone else’s texts

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