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Terrorist Groups Relying on Identity Theft for Funding and Operations
From Brian Koerner, About.com
Identity Theft and Terrorism:
The use of stolen identities by terrorists is undoubtedly on the rise. Terrorist organizations utilize the proceeds of this crime to fund their activities and disguise the identities of their operatives. According to Judith Collins from the Michigan State University Identity Theft Crime and Research Lab, “All acts of terrorism enacted against the United States have been facilitated with the use of a fake or stolen Identity.”
Collins indicates that 5 percent of all identity thieves are connected to terrorism and 2 percent, specifically to al-Qaida. In fact, the a-Qaida terrorist involved in the September 11, 2001 attacks had opened 14 bank accounts using several different names, all of which were fake or stolen.
Experts caution that this problem is not going away anytime soon and that the use of identity theft as a catalyst for terrorist funding and operations, will rise significantly.