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FBI pulls plug on the flood of Coreflood virus

Unfortunately computers and viruses go hand in hand, it does not seem to matter how much we try to defeat the digital bugs, they always seem to find a way on to our computers. There has been a major breakthrough in the fight against digital terrorism as recently though as the FBI launched a massive campaign to rid the world of the virus known as Coreflood.

What is Coreflood?

Coreflood is a nasty little virus known as a key-logger. Once Coreflood in on a computer, the hacker can dial in to your computer remotely and can track every single key that the user has pressed. What can this be used for? Well lets say the hacker is watching your computer and you browse your to online bank account, the hacker could then log the keys you pressed as you logged into your account, which means he would then have access to your bank account and your funds. Continue reading FBI pulls plug on the flood of Coreflood virus

Acronis True Image: Best Coupon Code for True Image By Acronis

Save $20 on Acronis True Image Home with Acronis AcroPack Coupon Code

A true image of your hard drive stored somewhere in your home?  Yep.  And by image, we don’t mean picture.

Unfortunately, it happens to even the best of us.

In an effort to keep home PC’s clean or secure, files are accidentally deleted.

Sometimes, viruses corrupt files.

And sometimes, disks fail.

In the process, cherished memories are destroyed when people lose pictures. Continue reading Acronis True Image: Best Coupon Code for True Image By Acronis

Discount Coupon for Trend Micro Security Programs

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Trend Micro has been around for quite a few years.  With their purchase of HiJackThis, some people thought (and still think of) Trend Micro in a negative light, since HiJackThis was a free program and well-liked.

Regardless of what some people think, Trend Micro is a strong anti virus and security company, doing very good work to protect computers around the world.

And today, you can use this discount coupon for Trend Micro and save money on their security suite of products.

There are many interesting benefits to people who use Trend Micro Security.

One cool benefit is Trend Micro’s cloud technology.  Continue reading Discount Coupon for Trend Micro Security Programs

Panda Antivirus Spyware Scan: Free Your Computer of Viruses

Panda Active Scan – Free Your Computer of Spyware with this antivirus tool

Want a free scan of your computer from Panda (same company that is the award winning software maker of Panda Antivirus)?

Their free scan will look over your computer and tell you what threats you’re currently exposed to.  Then, chances are good, once Panda has scanned your computer using their free scan, they will try to get you to buy Panda Antivirus as a way to fix your computer.

Makes sense.

It’s a good business model to offer something for free to entice you into downloading something else.

However, unlike with more dubious software makers, Panda Antivirus is actually a product that will do what it says it will do after running the free scan of your computer.

Panda has something that they call “Collective Intelligence Technology”.  This is the idea of cloud computing, and allows the millions of people (who use Panda software to scan their computers) to get nearly instant information from one another.  This automatically improves protection nearly as fast as viruses are released.  It gives users a freedom, and a peace of mind, knowing that all computers connected through Panda’s software are having their computers updated with the latest intelligence about threats, coming in from all over the world.

By leveraging community knowledge, Panda’s software offers a really great protection against spyware, with a minimal impact on your computer, leading to faster and more versatile products. If you want to see what Panda can do, try their free your computer of  spyware scan to see what it finds on your computer.

Panda Active Scan – Free Your Computer of Spyware with this antivirus tool

Panda antivirus

Get Panda Antivirus Pro 2011 (from Panda): Coupon Saves 20%

The Panda worked for bringing millions of visitors to Chinese zoos.

The Panda works as the symbol for the World Wildlife Federation.

The panda worked to sell a brilliantly done movie (Kung Fu Panda).

But will Panda Antivirus work on your computer?

Judging by the thousands of people looking online every month for terms like “get free Panda Antivirus” and “antivirus from Panda for free”, I would say yes.

If people are looking for something for free, it means they already know it’s name, know it’s a good product, and are just trying to figure out how to get it without paying for it.

We son’t be able to show you how to get Panda Antivirus for free.  It’s not legal and also not a good idea.

But we have been able to get a Panda coupon to save you 20% off of Panda. (Not as good as free, but still something, right?)

It seems there is a lot of interest in Panda Antivirus, and it seems justified.

If you’ve had Panda Antivirus before, you’ll want to look at all of Panda’s products for 2011, before deciding to buy their antivirus product.  In addition to freeing your computer of viruses, Panda Internet Security 2011 designed so that you can use the Internet for anything.

Panda’s main focus of course is giving you tools to protect you while you’re online, keeping your computer free of things that could harm it while letting you surf the Internet  without interruption.

It seems that almost every minute, more and more viruses are released.  More spyware is unleashed on unwitting consumers who don’t really understand what needs to be done to protect their computer against viruses.  While this is unfortunate, it also means that the IT Security market is growing, and Panda Antivirus has definitely established itself as a product people can trust.

Panda Security (the company) one of the top names protecting computers against viruses and other Internet threats.

We’ll be talking more about Panda products, including the features of Panda Antivirus, in upcoming posts.  For now, if you want to get Panda Antivirus (it’s not free), the coupon code below will save you 20% on Antivirus Pro 2011.

Get Antivirus Pro 2011 from Panda: Coupon Saves 20%

Webroot Antivirus With Antispyware

Webroot is a company that has been building antivirus and antispyware products for some time now.  They work to help fight viruses and spyware on your computer by giving you many tools for not only dealing with viruses and spyware, but also for maintaining your computer system’s health in general.

One example is Webroot’s tool called Security Complete.

One feature of Security Complete operates when when you’re doing a web search (Google, Yahoo, Bing – not sure if all web searches and sites are included or just the big 3), a security rating is automatically displayed next to each web site.  This security feature can really help to prevent you from visiting a malicious web site where viruses or spyware could be installed on your computer.

To prevent incoming mail from having spyware or viruses in them, advanced spam-scanning engines work to filter and remove problems from your incoming email.  This stops significant virus and spyware threats that can come through spam.  It always concerns us, and consumers in general, when a program filters your mail, but Webroot offers assurances that you will receive the messages you want, while everything else is automatically rooted out and then cleared for you.

The biggest thing that we don’t like about Webroot Antivirus with Antispyware is that it seems to slow down already slow computers.  It’s often hard for an end-user to know what’s actually slowing down their computer, but this has generally been people’s biggest complaint about Webroot software in general, and Webroot Antivirus.

To get 50% off Webroot Internet Security products (yes, you read that right… 50% off!), visit:

Mobile Ant Virus: NetQin Java Based Antivirus for Mobile

25% Off NetQin Mobile Antivirus

We’ve been talking a lot about mobile security here on IdentityTheftSecrets, and will continue to do so.  If you’re surfing the Internet on your phone, either through a 3G, 4G, wireless, Bluetooth, or any other kind of connection (other than hardwired), your chances of being infected by some kind of bug are quite good.

And actually, we prefer to think of viruses for mobile phones more like ants.  One little ant never seems like a big deal.  But if you don’t get rid of it (either by finding something more attractive for the ant, or by squashing it), the ant seems to multiply.

Viruses for mobile phones are like ants.  They move quickly and seem to multiply out of nowhere almost instantly.  And with viruses, you don’t even have to kick the ant pile.  Just by having a mobile phone, the ants come to you.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that there many companies which have sprung up to help users with antivirus solutions for mobile phones.  One of those companies is NetQin.

As we mentioned last week, NetQin is a rising star all over the world, but in particular in China.  NetQin has an exclusive arrangement with China Mobile to provide their anti-spamming service.  Other partners include Sony, Nokia, Samsung, Dopod, Lenovo, Tencent, Motorola, Baidu, and quite a few others.

NetQin’s priority is to offer their antivirus solutions.  The backend is java-based software and functions on the Cloud-client Computing model.  In multiple tests with millions of users, Mobile NetQin antivirus solutions have proven effective mobile security solutions.

In addition to antivirus, NetQin has products which include protections for SMS-filter, anti-spyware, and privacy protection.


If you are interested in trying out Netqin Antivirus for free, NetQin has a free download here: http://www.identitytheftsecrets.com/25-off-netqin

If you know you’re planning to get NetQin AntiVirus, you may as well save an additional 25% using this coupon code here:   http://www.identitytheftsecrets.com/25-off-netqin-2

Golden Cash Network Uses Bots and Zombies to Steal Data

Many of us have heard of the terms “cash cow,” “Midas touch,” and there is also the mythical goose that laid the golden eggs, but have you heard of a “Golden Cash Network?” You may think this is a new form of ATM machine but it is really a shopping mall for those looking for a quick and easy way to steal information, data and expand their spamming efforts through the use of bots and Trojans that make their way onto just about anyone’s computer.

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April Fool’s Day Virus Conficker: It’s Not Really a Computer Virus

In grocery store lines and on tread mills around the country people are chatting about Conficker, often called the Conficker computer virus or the April 1st computer virus. What is it and how can you protect yourself?

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Will You Get Your Tax Rebate (Economic Stimulus) Check?

Economic Stimulus Checks and Tax Rebates: How can we be sure to get our check safely? Among the many phishing emails (that attempt to lure you to a website to gain personal or financial information) and schemes on the Internet, one of the newest is an email message that appears to be from the Internal Revenue Service, talking about economic stimulus checks, and what you should do in order to get your tax rebate check. How can you protect yourself and what should you do if you get this message? Read more about this phishing scam and how to protect your income tax rebate check.

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