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Want to Go To Paris? Use Someone Else’s Identity.

Meet the new face of Identity theft. Or at least one of the young faces of Identity theft.
Two apparently white collar, otherwise normal college students (well, one recently graduated) have found themselves in police custody.
Jocelyn Kirsch is (was, before this) a Drexel University student and her boyfriend, Edward Anderton, is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.
Their alleged crime?
Oh, nothing really.
Just taking the personal information from people in their apartment complex and using it to visit Paris, Hawaii, and do other odds and ends… like have $17,500 in cash (on hand) in their apartment.
I definitely don’t want to laugh at someone else’s misery, but what really amazes me about this, more than anything else, is this part of the article.

The fraud scheme paid for jaunts to Paris, London and Hawaii and a stop at a tony salon for $1,700 worth of hair extensions, police said.

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