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Acronis True Image: Best Coupon Code for True Image By Acronis

Save $20 on Acronis True Image Home with Acronis AcroPack Coupon Code

A true image of your hard drive stored somewhere in your home?  Yep.  And by image, we don’t mean picture.

Unfortunately, it happens to even the best of us.

In an effort to keep home PC’s clean or secure, files are accidentally deleted.

Sometimes, viruses corrupt files.

And sometimes, disks fail.

In the process, cherished memories are destroyed when people lose pictures. Continue reading Acronis True Image: Best Coupon Code for True Image By Acronis

Acronis Director Suite (Coupons): Acronis for Servers Creates True Images


Saw your writeup re: Acronis true image and love Acronis for my home PC.  Do they have something for servers in wrk environs as well?

Acronis does have different levels of products including programs for managing a directory or migrating directories from one server to another.

One of the available software products they have is called Acronis Disk Director Server, and we’ve got a coupon for it.

Coupon Code: Get 5% off Acronis Disk Director Server

Partitioning a hard drive on a server can often lead to bogging down load times on the server.

One of the nice features of Acronis Disk Director’s Advanced Server software is the way that it lets you make the most of the performance of your server while giving you a friendly and effective hard disk drive management utility.

If you want to do advanced disk layout on your server, Advanced Director includes support for Dynamic Disk and GPT.  It also will let you take a piece of content and span the volume on the drive across multiple hard disks.

The content on your servers needs to be accessible round the clock.  The whole reason you have a server is so that it can SERVE.  You shouldn’t have to be a slave to it, just to have the server do it’s job.

Disk Director and the Disk Director Suite gives you simple ways to move or merge partitions.  It also has several features built in to minimize the amount of downtime your users will have while you’re doing server maintenance.

There are, of course, other server management utilities that will let you do what you can do with disk Director.

The nice thing about going with Disk Director is that it’s backed by the support and research of Acronis.

Acronis has been recognized for award-winning technology both for servers and home users.

Check it out, and use the coupon below.

Acronis’ software for servers will likely be a pleasant experience for your server’s overall performance.

Coupon Code: Get 5% off Acronis Disk Director Server

Acronis Coupon Codes: Acronis True Image And Coupons

Coupon Code for 15% off Acronis:

Have you ever bought a new hard drive and had a hard time getting everything transferred over correctly?  Some people even resort to trying to learn Linux code or dissect Microsoft’s proprietary code just to get files moved from one hard drive to another.

And, moving files is one thing, but what about creating a true image of your hard drive?

A true and complete image will let you move from one hard drive to another (including all the programs and applications you’ve got installed) much more easily.

Acronis is a company which does many things.

One major group of software Acronis is known for is their software for handling hard drive backups and transfers.

This means that if you buy their software, most of their products are not only a great way to backup your hard drive, but more importantly, it’s a great way to create a true image of what’s on one hard drive so you can move it quickly and easily to another hard drive.

In the process, Acronis also will compress and sort files into better file structures so that they will take up less space on your new drive.

This post is just to let you know about Acronis’ coupon codes for the holiday season, but we’ll be talking more about Acronis in future posts on IdentityTheftSecrets.

Acronis Coupon Codes

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