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Hackers Want $1M for Mitt Romney’s Tax Records

There is always a great deal of scrutiny laid onto any presidential campaign as each side attempts to make their case for election.  The political backbiting can become very intense and people take sides and join in the slurs against the opponent.  In the last election, the opponents claimed President Obama was not a legal citizen and asked repeatedly for his birth certificate, which he produced but some then thought was a fake.

In the current presidential campaign, the subject of Republican hopeful Mitt Romney’s tax records has become the center of attention.  Many feel that he has not paid the taxes that every other American would pay and hackers are saying that they have located these records that Mitt Romney has refused to produce.

They want $1M for the tax records and if Romney really is hiding something and they truly have the records, it would be cheaper for him to pay them off. But first, do they even have the records? Continue reading Hackers Want $1M for Mitt Romney’s Tax Records