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Download Stuffit Deluxe for Mac or for Windows?

If you want to try StuffIt Deluxe for your Windows machine,
this coupon will give you $40 off when you download.


You could download StuffIt Deluxe for your PC/Windows Machine.

In fact, the developers of StuffIt deluxe helped free their software from being available exclusively only on the Mac platform and moved StuffIt Deluxe to Windows/PC format as well.

StuffIt fine and secure way to compress files to send them off to friends/family/colleagues.

The latest version of StuffIt Deluxe lets you password protect your compressed files.

However, the question remains… why would you download StuffIt Deluxe to compress files for your PC when there are so many great free, open source programs for the Windows platform that accomplish the same thing? Continue reading Download Stuffit Deluxe for Mac or for Windows?