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SpoofCard Becomes “Untraceable”: SpoofCard and “Caller ID Spoofing” explained

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The Good, Bad and Ugly about Spoofcard, a software system that makes not only caller id obsolete, but also makes all your phone calls suspect to pranks and identity theft. Untraceable, a movie starring Diane Lane, shows exactly how far this system may go in adding the commission of crimes and protecting criminals from prosecution from identity theft — and in the movie’s case, from murder. It may not be all bad, read more to see why and make your own judgment call.

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Product Review: PC Security Shield 2008

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Every internet user should protect themself from identity theft utilizing an antivirus software program, but with so many to choose from, how does a consumer know which product to buy? With this product review, consumers can gain knowledge about a new version of PC Security Shield, 2008 and all the features it provides including standard antivirus and spyware protection as well as not so standard features.
Read more for information on PC Security Shield, it’s anti-virus software system, features, special products and services, cost, and how to purchase and use PC Security Shield 2008.

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