SpoofCard Becomes “Untraceable”: SpoofCard and “Caller ID Spoofing” explained

SpoofCard: What is SpoofCard, how does Caller ID Spoofing Work, and how can you protect yourself? Millions of consumers pay extra for the Caller ID as part of their phone service. Believing calls to be a legitimate call and based on the caller ID many individuals would follow the instructions and provide their personal and financial information. With SpoofCard they can disguise their voice and telephone number making it difficult if not impossible to be tracked

Product Review: PC Security Shield 2008

PC Security Shield, it’s anti-virus software system, features, special products and services, cost, and how to purchase and use PC Security Shield 2008. The internet is a powerful tool. . . . but with its use comes the danger of identity theft and an anti virus software program is absolutely essential for every internet user. . . Parental controls are important, and read in this review how PC Security Shield can give you the controls you are looking for to protect your identity and your children.