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Hackers Hit Sony Again and Again

Just weeks after PlayStation’s network break a Lebanese hacker group (Idaho) boasts of breaking into the Sony’s shopping database at ca.eshop.sonyericsson.com/with a “simple sql injection.”  In this e-shop users names, user name, credit card information and passwords were released in a massive dump on their Facebook and Twitter pages advising the unscrupulous to access the information contained in the dump in a text file on pastebin.  The website is down right now, but just imagine how many 1,000 of people have used this particular website to make their Sony shopping experience more convenient.

But they aren’t the only ones to hit the hacker games hard this week.  LulzSec hacked into and released the information they found on Sony’s Japanese website data base.   This group of hackers may be in it for the “fun” but they are not joking around with who they attack as they also take credit for hacking into the Fox.com login database, including emails and passwords. Then the LulzSec Hack & Leak pointless ATM information also.

Customers aren’t the only ones that now doubt the security of Sony’s databases, websites and PlayStation Live systems.  According to a recent report by PC Magazine Sony will be testifying at an upcoming House of Representatives privacy hearing, after just months ago refusing to.

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