Social Security

Web Applications And Security: How To Secure Custom Web Applications

Security for web applications? Why do I need to think about security for my web-based apps? Well, whether you’re building it in PHP or Perl, Ajax or ASP, you will likely be collecting the private information of your users. So, whether you’re helping your web-based users use an application for photo sharing, or offering them free web-based classes, you need to have a plan in place so that the security of your web-based application won’t be compromised.

Veterans: What You Should Know to Prevent and Recover from Identity Theft

In August 2006, the Veteran’s Administration contacted approximately 16,000 individuals regarding a theft of computer equipment containing veteran;s benefits information. In another instance over 26.5 million social security numbers were stolen when a federal employee’s laptop computer was stolen. How did this information get stolen? Wasn’t it protected by the government somehow?