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Reporter who covers Identity Theft becomes victim herself

So here’s something interesting to note.
A reporter for the Longmont Times Call (in Colorado), recently became a victim of credit fraud herself.

“As a crime reporter, I had written dozens of stories about identity theft and credit card fraud. I knew what to do. I called credit reporting agencies and told them about my stolen account number to protect my credit rating. I called the police. Then I got antsy. I started investigating the businesses where my money was spent. I soon found out it was going to be harder than making some phone calls and dressing down some careless store managers. The four businesses — Shoe Depot, Tina Fashion, Frank Collection and Photo Creation — where money from my account was spent are in Fontana, Calif., according to my bank statement. So I called the Fontana Police Department. I called the city’s chamber of commerce. I went on the Better Business Bureau Web site. But no one had ever heard of the stores, and the police couldn’t find an address for them. I even left messages for people whose names are connected to two of the “businesses,” which I found on a public information Web site. No one called back. Luckily, my bank sorted out the mess and had money back in my account by 2:30 p.m.”

The article is written under the title of Identity Theft a bitter pill. Fortunately for the reporter, she was only a victim of credit fraud.

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