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TrustedID Review and Promotional Code

If you would like to have a free month to review TrustedID, plus get an ACTUAL free copy of your credit report, check out the offer TrustedID has put together in the promotional offer below.

Free Credit Score from all three bureaus plus Complete Identity Protection. You can TrustedID for free for 14 days.

Basically, the promotional code which runs (from the text link above or the image link below) gives you a month to review TrustedID’s services. And you get a 3 bureau copy of your credit report too.

Review Trustedid for free with this promotional codel

TrustedID Review
People’s biggest complaint about TrustedID seems to be that they get signed up for the service without knowing about it… Perhaps TrustedID comes bundled with some other services that people don’t know they’re signing up for.

Perhaps there are insurance agents or mortgage brokers or other trusted people who are Continue reading TrustedID Review and Promotional Code

X10 promos, coupons, and discount codes: X10 Codes for 2011 Savings

X10 Codes for BIG savings
I remember back in 1996, 1997, and 1998.

I would get these emails from a company called X10 security cameras.

They would always have some crazy deal on a camera or security system, and I remember visiting their site to see what the heck was going on.

Turns out, they were all legitimate deals, even though they seemed to be a bit gimmicky at the time.

But really, X10’s code (or company motto) was to make their money through small margins, but on high volume.

And it worked.

14 years later (has it really been that long?) X10 is still here, selling their cameras and security systems and going stronger than ever.

So today, in honor of the X10 code (small margins, big volume) which has allowed them to stay in business regardless of the economy, and in order to pass along these coupon codes to you, we’re sharing some of X10’s latest deals and promos.

If you want home security options, check out this promotion code which lets you save 70% on a home security system (limited time and limited quantities on this one):

Check out this 58% promo code for the Socialite LCD TV Remote for Facebook

Look at X10’s Home Security Camera with PC/Internet Monitoring (i.e. watch what’s going on where your camera is from anywhere on the Internet)

Congratulations to X10.com for being online now going on 15 years.

We hope you’ll see fit to take advantage of one of these promos they have going on.

From X10.com:

When you buy from X10.com through one of our promos or coupon codes, you get more than the lowest price and best product selection available in the security, surveillance and home automation organizations on the Web today.

With over than 30 years in business and online since 1996, X10 is both a manufacturer and Web retailer. Whether you are a huge company, a one-person small business or a family, you will find we deliver the lowest prices on the very best merchandise of its kind available on the Web

Quite a few companies play shell games with shipping. They give you a low price then rack up the shipping and “handling” costs to hide the true price of the product from you. At X10.com, you will always be aware of the true price of your order and all other product specifics before you use your credit card.

Bottom line: we include free shipping to U.S. addresses for every order over $50. Plus most orders ship out within two business days provided there are no problems with your billing address or credit card. Last, we provide you with a link so that you can track your order the minute it leaves our warehouse until it hits your doorway.

X10 Codes for BIG savings

Acronis Coupon Codes: Acronis True Image And Coupons

Coupon Code for 15% off Acronis:

Have you ever bought a new hard drive and had a hard time getting everything transferred over correctly?  Some people even resort to trying to learn Linux code or dissect Microsoft’s proprietary code just to get files moved from one hard drive to another.

And, moving files is one thing, but what about creating a true image of your hard drive?

A true and complete image will let you move from one hard drive to another (including all the programs and applications you’ve got installed) much more easily.

Acronis is a company which does many things.

One major group of software Acronis is known for is their software for handling hard drive backups and transfers.

This means that if you buy their software, most of their products are not only a great way to backup your hard drive, but more importantly, it’s a great way to create a true image of what’s on one hard drive so you can move it quickly and easily to another hard drive.

In the process, Acronis also will compress and sort files into better file structures so that they will take up less space on your new drive.

This post is just to let you know about Acronis’ coupon codes for the holiday season, but we’ll be talking more about Acronis in future posts on IdentityTheftSecrets.

Acronis Coupon Codes

Get 15% off on Acronis Migrate Easy 7.0 with this Coupon Code:

Get 5% off Acronis Snap Deploy 3.0 for Servers with this Coupon Code

Get 5% off Acronis Disk Director Server 10.0 with this Coupon Code:

Where to Purchase ESET Software

25% Discount on 2 Year License purchase of ESET Smart Security

Hey guys…
I have been see the posting on IdentityTheftS deailing with esets softwares… . my questin for uis where to purchase eset software?


– Sandeep: India

Hi Sandeep,

Thank-you for your email.  Where in India are you from?

Eset operates in different countries.  So where you purchase eset software will depend on where you are located.  In New Zealand, it is possible to simply download Eset’s account application form, type into the PDF form once you’ve gotten it downloaded, and fax it back to 09 309 3287. (Auckland).

However, if you’re not in New Zealand, here are two places where to purchase Eset software.

Simply go to your preferred computer store.  ESET is the among the most recommended security software in the world.  Thousands of computer stores and computer systems suppliers are set up to market ESET products, so finding a physical store where you can purchase Eset software should be pretty straight forward for you.

The other place where you can go to purchase Eset software is through the link below on this site.  When you do, you’ll get a coupon which will give you a discount of 25% on a 2 Year License purchase of ESET Smart Security http://www.identitytheftsecrets.com/coupon-for-eset-smart-security

Sandeep, did I answer your original question about where to purchase Eset software?  If not, please let me know.  If I did, please comment below.

25% Discount on 2 Year License purchase of ESET Smart Security

F-Secure: Save 20% on F-Secure Through This Promotional Coupon


Right now, you can save 20% on F-Secure through a promotional coupon.
To get your promotional coupon for F-Secure, click the link below:


F-Secure says that the promise you get when you purchase one of their anti virus or Internet Security packages is that they will secure the things that are irreplaceable.  Based on our experience with free trials of F-Secure software, we would say that F-Secure lives up to this promise.

Google and Yahoo used to have competitions about who had indexed more of the Internet.  Today those discussions are dead.  The Internet grows every week at the same rate it grew for the entire 1996 year.  The rate of growth for unique pieces of malware (and the sheer number of web sites) online today is also simply staggering.  The Internet is growing so fast that it doesn’t matter who has indexed more pages.

From a security standpoint, this means that if you’re running old software, and old protection, protection that is based solely on getting a copy of a malware file or analyzing a unique URL, you are simply asking for trouble.

F-Secure Internet Security 2011 makes sure that you are protected against modern and complex threats by the concept of Kaizen.  Kaizen is constant and never-ending improvement.  FSecure uses this philosophy to always be growing their ability to detect problems and secure computers. Continue reading F-Secure: Save 20% on F-Secure Through This Promotional Coupon

Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security Promotion Code

Get At Least 10% off Trend Micro
Titanium Internet Security with this promotion code:

Trend Micro has big plans for 2011.

They are releasing Titanium Internet Security 2011 and are offering some great promotion codes as incentives to buy.

Trend Micro’s Titanium internet security works using the cloud security infrastructure. Continue reading Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security Promotion Code

50% discount: Webroot Offers HUGE Discount!

Big Discount Alert!
(50% off: Discount on Webroot)

UK USERS: Use this link for a 50% discount on Webroot UK!

We’re really excited to have become aware of this 50% discount for Webroot software.  (We talked just yesterday about Webroot Antivirus with antispyware.)

50% discount for Webroot Internet Security Essentials!

All the antivirus, anti-spyware and firewall protection for your PC for just $29.95.

Webroot Software Highlights from Webroot.com

Award-winning antivirus technology provided by Sophos®. With 48 VB100 certifications, it’s among the best in the business!

Includes award-winning Spy Sweeper®, proven to find and remove more spies than any other antispyware technology.

Effective, easy-to-use, real-time virus protection from the most dangerous Internet threats

360 degrees of protection—blocks, detects and removes threats

Great value and comprehensive antispyware and antivirus protection

Multi-layered Protection Against Threats and Intrusions

We’ll have more information as we get it about Webroot promotions, but for now, the discount is available through the link below.

Big Discount Alert!
(50% off: Discount on Webroot)

Lifeshield Discount Promotion: Home Security with No Annual Contract

Get Home Security with no annual contract.

– Lifeshield Promotion –

You’ve seen offers for “Free” or “$99 home security.” But when you consider the hidden costs to truly protect your family from burglary and fire, you soon learn that “Free” isn’t all its cracked up to be. LifeShield provides the lowest total cost of home security with no annual contract.

Many companies promote “free” security systems. Usually, the offers are for very basic systems that do not offer adequate protection from burglary and fire. Burglars often know these companies only install minimal security and may even target homes that are ‘protected’ by these systems. When you consider everything that is included in the LifeShield Home Kit and LifeShield’s revolutionary whole house fire protection, your savings are dramatic


LoudSiren Identity Theft Warning System Provides Emergency Services

LoudSiren Identity Theft Warning System promotes as a full service solution to identity theft. This service, by Debix, does many things for you, including; contacting credit agencies and setting up fraud alerts, acting as a middle man between your credit information and personal information, making it more difficult to obtain and misuse it ,as well as giving you, as a member of their system, $1 million dollars in identity theft insurance coverage. Read more to find out how LoudSiren can protect you, your friends and family from identity theft.

Continue reading LoudSiren Identity Theft Warning System Provides Emergency Services

Let’s Meet: Free Trial of GoToMeeting and Using GoToMeeting.com

Try GoToMeeting Completely Free for 30 Days (and if you decide to purchase, get $10 off)
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GoToMeeting is an online resource for large or small businesses and individuals to use to safely and cost effectively share information. You can connect with clients, customers, employers, employees and coworkers to collaborate, train, present and share information. Seminars may be conducted for up to 1000 participants. Find out why meeting online is safe and effective.

Continue reading Let’s Meet: Free Trial of GoToMeeting and Using GoToMeeting.com