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Photoshow Coupon Code

Photoshow Coupon Codes come directly from Roxio
Use the $10 off coupon code below to save money on Photoshow.

Contrary to some reviews (probably written by competitors wanting to bad-mouth a good service), Roxio Photoshow does make really great photoshows. (Slide shows with your pictures and music of your choosing).

These photo shows can be put onto DVD’s, thumb drives, iphones, ipads, android phones, or any other device that lets you play videos.

And the company behind Photoshow (now Roxio) has offered a coupon code so that you can save $10 on the service. Continue reading Photoshow Coupon Code

Web Applications And Security: How To Secure Custom Web Applications

Web Application Security
Whether you’re building a custom web application, or using one of the off-the-shelf/open source web applications for things like photos, monitoring, or any other PHP, ASP, Perl, AJAX or other language web app, on thing you MUST thing about is the security associated with it.
In this interview with Paul Herbka from South Seas Corporation (development and training company based out of Colorado), we go in depth in a discussion of web applications, security, and why it’s important for any individual or business to seriously consider what their policy is for the security associated with any web-based applications they may delpoy online.
Mr Herbka also goes into reviewing some great security platforms for protection of any web-based application.
You can listen to the interview, and/or read the transcript below, for free.
(Paul even offers you a discount if you mention this interview when you call him.)

Download the interview about what Email Security is in MP3 Format”

Continue reading Web Applications And Security: How To Secure Custom Web Applications