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McAfee Antivirus Your Information Safe and Offers a Guarantee

The improved and streamlined security features of the McAfee free Virus Scan Program perform faster while requiring less of your computer’s resources. McAfee Security Center and site advisor allows you to maintain the high level of protection many people associate with McAfee products. While you can’t download McAfee free, you can download McAfee’s speed test and McAfee Security Center at a discount.

Bots: Friend or Foe to Your Personal Computer? Norton’s AntiBot Protects You

Symantec Norton AntiBot offers the added level of protection needed to combat the threat of bots. Bots can be a type of malware that allows a hacker to take control of several computers at a time, effectively turning them into “robots” that accept commands from the computer hacker and work to spread bots to more and more computers. This type of computer virus can then be used to spread spam and commit various types of identity theft and other online fraud.

Lavasoft Product Review: Ad Aware Plus by Lavasoft

Ad Aware Plus is one of several antivirus software protection programs created and maintained by Lavasoft, a private company, begun in 1999 and headquartered in Sweden. Lavasoft was one of the first software companies to detect and create antivirus software programming for download. Ad Aware is available is small business, enterprise, academic and non-profit. Lavasoft provides antivirus software and systems support. Their success can be rated by the over 250 million Ad Aware antivirus downloads world-wide.

Is Trend Micro PC Cillin Internet Security the Best Medicine for Your PC?

Trend Micro’s PC Cillin has been featured in PC Magazine. PC Cillin also received a rating of 4.5 from PC World, is certified by ICSA (a security software testing lab), and received the VB 100% award (an independent comparative testing service that evaluates antivirus protection software). Check out Trend Micro’s PC Cillin and read the review here.