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What is Spotmau Powersuite?

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For this write-up of SpotMau Powersuite, we’ve pretty much just copied and pasted the text from the Spotmau Powersuite web site to this post.

It’s a bit difficult to get an idea of what Spotmau Powersuite is and what it does on the Spotmau.com site, so we thought by putting the text here and clarifying it a little bit, you’d have a better chance and knowing whether or not this is the right software for your PC. Continue reading What is Spotmau Powersuite?

Parallels Desktop Coupon

Parallels Desktop Coupon and trial download page

Open disclaimer: We’re pretty sold on how cool Parallels Desktop actually is. We’ve already written on this site highlighting all the things the company’s software allows you to do.

So, we won’t be going into that too much today. The purpose of this short post is just to let you know that through the link below, you can get a Parallels Desktop coupon (and/or free trial download).

In case you missed our write-ups from the past month or so, here’s a brief overview.

Parallels is a company which works in the virtualization space.

Virtualization basically means creating virtual environments in which multiple operating systems and technologies can work simultaneously, and interact with one another.

Parallels was founded at the end of 1999, and is currently serving more than 10 Million Users in 125 Countries.

Parallels is at the top in the virtualization space with Parallels Desktop for Mac, Parallels Virtuozzo Containers (server level controls), and Parallels Plesk Panel (again, control at the server level).

Parallels has over 55 patents either issued or pending and has developed partnerships with many of the world’s largest companies including AMD, Dell, Microsoft, Apple, and IBM.

Some of the reviews of Parallels Desktop for Mac talk about how users really like the Convergence view.

In the Convergence view, you can see Windows apps in the Mac toolbar, and then the applications (which are Windows based) just show as would any program in the Mac User Interface. People generally are pleased with he performance of the virtual machine especially when only using it for basic functions like presentations and Word Processing. Some people who are using it for intensive video rendering have reported some slowdown, but overall people seem quite pleased with the Parallels performance.

As with almost all software, the area for improvement with Parallels is (apparently) with customer service. While most people agree that Parallels support is polite and helpful in extending things like free trials, some people have complained that the support people couldn’t answer some rather complex challenges they were facing (usually dealing with graphics rendering issues or challenges with Windows 64 bit versions).

Overall, while not ecstatic about the support, people seem pretty satisfied with the overall helpfulness of Parallels’ support staff.

You get to the level that Parallels is at by creating good solutions that people enjoy using. Such is the case with the Parallels applications we’ve seen.

If you would like a coupon for Parallels Desktop for Mac, Windows, or Linux, check out the link below.

Parallels Desktop Coupon and trial download page

Spotmau: Review of SpotMau and Powersuite Download

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Spotmau is designed to be an all-in-one solution for everything you may need to do, in order to backup, restore, fix, or expand the capabilities of your computer.

Built for the PC environment, SpotMau will work on Windows 95, 98, ME, CE, NT, 2000, 2003, SBS2003, XP, Vista, 7. Chances are good that if you’re using a PC, SpotMau will work to do everything you want and need it to do.

Upon reviewing the software, you will actually see that SpotMau is a combination of programs. All of the software utilities within Spotmau Powersuite worked well for us, although admittedly we haven’t thoroughly tested everything within the tool chest that is Powersuite. Continue reading Spotmau: Review of SpotMau and Powersuite Download

Spotmau Coupon Code

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Save 10% off SpotMau Powersuite

As mentioned last week when we talked about misspellings of SpotMau, we are working on a review which will be coming shortly.

However, we did want to let you know about this coupon code which will let you save 10% off of SpotMau Powersuite Golden Edition.

SpotMau is known as being a great set of tools for maintaining the health of your PC and also for dealing with repairing your computer after boot record mistakes or file corruption occurs. Continue reading Spotmau Coupon Code

Parallels Desktop 6 Promo Code

Promo Code for Parallels Desktop 6
(Save money with this promo code link)

You talked about Parallels Desktop for Windows. Where can I get a promo code to use it on my Mac?

Yes, we did talk about Parallels Desktop (for Windows) last week (or a couple weeks ago?).

You can see the link above to where you can get it for your Mac.

Use Parallels Desktop 6 on your Mac is pretty much the same as using it on your Windows machine.

According to the Parallels website, the company was founded in 1999 and now has over 700 employees on three continents. Parallels creates and supports a lot of different kinds of virtualization and automation software, but (at least as of the time of this writing), they’re best known for software which allows Windows and Linux Programs to be run inside of their own environments, while allowing the end user to be on their Mac.

“Virualization” is a fancy term and fancy way of saying that they create an operating environment within another environment.

But even that sounds overly technical.

To put it simply, Macs and PCs work differently.

Most everyone knows that.

What Parallels Desktop does is creates an environment where Continue reading Parallels Desktop 6 Promo Code

Parallels Desktop for Windows

Check out Parallels Desktop for Windows and Linux
(For running Linux from a Windows environment or vice-versa)

Parallels Desktop for Windows lets you run Linux and PC operating systems on your machine at the same time.

The advantages and applications of being able to run Linux and Windows at the same time are many.

From an identity theft and security perspective, Parallels Desktop for Windows presents a great option for people who test virus threats and want to have the ability to scan their computers in windows while working in a Linux environment, or vice-versa.

You can even run Windows and Linux from a Mac without rebooting, but that’s for Mac, and you’re probably wanting to know how to use Parallels Desktop for a Windows Machine.

Parallels Desktop for Windows (and also for Linux) works with all levels of users. They have everyone from large companies to individual users, and their software is in use all over the world.

One application for Parallels for companies has been to help people move away from a physical IT infrastructure to cloud based virtual infrastructure.

And even if you’re not at the company level, but just want a way for working in multiple environments from one PC or Linux Machine, Parallels Desktop for Windows & Linux gives you a really effective way to do this.

Right now, Parallels Desktop for Windows is leading the market next to VMWare’s option in the virtualization space.

They have a free trial, so if you’re looking for a way to run both Linux and Windows from the same environment, you can check out if Parallels Desktop for Windows can help you, without paying them.

(The link below takes you to Parallels Desktop using a promo code as well – although I’m not sure how much the discount is for.)

Check out Parallels Desktop for Windows and Linux
(For running Linux from a Windows environment or vice-versa)

Data Rescue 3 (for PC Windows Users)

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Mac Version here:


I saw someone online say that Data Rescue 3 for Windows was made by a company called Recoversoft.

I’m fairly certain (99.999% sure) that the company is actually called Prosoft.

I’m not sure if they were ever called Recoversoft, but you can see the company listed on the Amazon page is Prosoft.

Data Rescue 3 is really known for being a popular recovery software among Mac users.

However, PC (Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7) users will also find Prosoft’s data recovery software to be a great tool for help with data recovery on Windows machines.

One of the reviewers on Amazon said that they got confused by the user Interface, but that the tech support was able to help very quickly simply by sending back a couple of emails.

The review goes on to say that the software worked very well for them after learning how to use the program.

Generally speaking, for both the Windows and Mac versions of Data Rescue 3, the big selling point is the customer support.

People feel like when they do get stuck, Prosoft is there to help them with a real person who understands their questions and responds in a helpful way.

Another reviewer said that one nice thing about Prosoft’s software is that it does not require Windows to be running in order to get back your data. This particular reviewer was using Windows Vista and when he ran into trouble and called Prosoft, they “actually answered the phone and even called me back”.

If you can get a software company to restore your confidence and give you great answers to your challenges, that’s a product worth looking into.

If you are in need of data recovery for your Windows machine, we recommend taking a look at Data Rescue 3 PC.

You’ll find the best price for the software on Amazon.

Save $60 over retail on Data Rescue 3 PC by getting it on Amazon
Link below takes you directly to Amazon price and page:

(Mac Version here: http://www.identitytheftsecrets.com/data-rescue-3-mac)

Review: PC Pitstop coupon for PC Pit Stop Optimize 3.0

PC Pitstop Coupon: 20% off Optimize 3.0 Home

Disclaimer: Our review of PC Pitstop is less of a review and more of an endorsement. That’s because this product is well-known for helping tens of thousands of people speed up their PC’s performance.

PC Pitstop’s website offers you an online test for your computer.

Through their unique testing technology, your PC is automatically diagnosed for the majority of challenges to the speed of your PC.

Testing your PC is simple.

Simply visit PC Pitstop’s website and click for their online testing.

According to PCPitstop, millions of PCs have been tested using their software.

PC Pitstop offers full versions of many pieces of software that people have come to know and appreciate. Continue reading Review: PC Pitstop coupon for PC Pit Stop Optimize 3.0

Discount Coupon for Trend Micro Security Programs

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Trend Micro has been around for quite a few years.  With their purchase of HiJackThis, some people thought (and still think of) Trend Micro in a negative light, since HiJackThis was a free program and well-liked.

Regardless of what some people think, Trend Micro is a strong anti virus and security company, doing very good work to protect computers around the world.

And today, you can use this discount coupon for Trend Micro and save money on their security suite of products.

There are many interesting benefits to people who use Trend Micro Security.

One cool benefit is Trend Micro’s cloud technology.  Continue reading Discount Coupon for Trend Micro Security Programs

Trend Micro: Interview with Trend Micro’s David Perry

Though you may not have heard of them, Trend Micro is one of the world’s largest companies in the antispyware and computer protection software space.
In this interview, I spoke with David Perry, director of Global Education for Trend Micro, about solutions for everyone from home and home offices, to small business and enterprise business solutions.
Products we talked about Trend Micro Internet Security (formerly called PC-Cillin, but since phased out for a new name, just Internet Security), as well as their antivirus plus antispyware solutions, and a free scan that they call “Housecall”.
This is one of my favorite interviews I’ve done for IdentityTheftSecrets.com, as David is both a dynamic speaker and a very knowledgeable individual in the security and computer protection industry.
You can listen to the interview here for now, and a transcript of this interview with Trend Micro will be coming soon.