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Selling stuff online? Read those offers carefully before you are sold out

You are all done with the treadmill, bike, crib or toys and wonder “How can I sell this?”  Many people turn every day to Craigslist to help them sell their used (or even new) goods so it’s no surprise that someone would test out their skills there in a cross between a Paypal/Credit card hoax and the “I have money for you from a lottery/unknown inheritance/or just because I’m dying and I wanted to pick some random email address to give money too.

In today’s particular Craigslist scam a group of exercise equipment items were up for sale.   The seller receives a request for more information which is provided.   Next she receives the following message . . .

Thanks for the mail..Due to the nature of my work,phone calls making and visiting of website are restricted but i squeezed out time to check this advert and send you an email regarding it.I am offering you  additional $300.i will be paying you with my credit card via my PayPal account,If my offer is accepted send me your:

1.PaypalAccount Name:
2. Paypal email address:
3. Mobile Phone Number:
4. Address:
I can pay in right away.I am a sailor and do not have much time around the Internet.Make sure you get back to me so that we can arrange for pick up as i will like the item to be picked,so no shipping.I insisted on paypal because i dont have access to my bank account online as i dont have internet banking, but i can pay from my paypal account, as i have my bank a/c attached to it, i will need you to give me your paypal email address so i can make the payments as soon as possible and pls if you dont have paypal account yet, it is very easy to set up, go towww.paypal.com ( a link was built in on the word paypal that I removed before posting) and get it set up , after you have set it up.

She forwards it to me and my response is . . . “Run, run as fast as you can! You can’t catch me I’m an educated woman!”  Okay so it doesn’t rhyme quite as well as it should but you get the idea.   This consumer took one look at this email and knew it was a fake offer, and asked someone else for a second opinion just to be sure.   Here’s just a few reasons why:

  • Who offers $300 more than your asking price?  If it looks too good to be true it probably is.
  • See all the writing errors?  Lower case letters when they should be upper,  missing articles like the and an, and poor grammar and spelling are also usually an indication of a fraudulant offer.
  • Don’t touch that link!  Don’t have a paypal account? That’s okay, I’ll help you by providing this handy dandy little link here.   So, not only are you setting up a fake paypal account and giving them all your information to do so, you are also taking a chance on picking up a virus, malware or keylogger program when you open the browser window.

Selling used goods online can be a great idea.  It gets rid of things you don’t want anymore, it’s good for the environment because it is not being dropped into the trash and it may even make you a little money.   But as you place your ads make sure that your goods are the only thing up for sale, and that your identity, personal and credit card information is not taken away by the highest bidder.


PayPal Cyber Attack Arrests

Did you get the message?  I did.  Just a few days ago I received the a purported PayPal message that my account was going to have limited access, as well as several other terms and conditions that to be honest sent me into a PayPal rage. Should I have any questions I should use the link below to log into my PayPal account.  Sound familiar?

It was very convincing, however it was a weekend and I thought, “I’ll deal with it later.”  Monday I find that many other people I know received similar messages which of course caused us all to start wondering, “How real is this reality check on our PayPal account?”  It didn’t take long to find out it wasn’t real at all.

Allegedly hackers broke into the PayPal server in a retaliatory attack for WikiLeaks accounts being suspended.   Founded by Julian Assange, Wiki Leaks is an anti-secrecy organization that collects  information and then releases it to the public.  Their founder was arrested in Great Britian last winter after releasing 250,000 State Department documents in which US diplomats were, quite frankly less than complimentary towards their counterparts throughout the world.

(read more about WikiLeaks founder’s arrest)

The FBI reports the arrest of 14 people allegedly involved in the cyber-attack on PayPal.  Other arrests were made overseas in Great Britain and Amsterdam. Reportedly the cybberattacks on PayPal’s website were by the group “Anonymous.”  Anonymous is a group of hackers sympathetic to WikiLeaks and it has claimed responsibility for attacks against corporate and government websites worldwide.  PayPal closed the account being used for donations to WikiLeaks citing violations of the PayPal terms of service.  Wikileaks response was “PayPal’s action tried to economically strangle WikiLeaks.”

According to the indictment and complaints filed in court in San Jose, California, the defendants Continue reading PayPal Cyber Attack Arrests

WikiLeaks may be spilling into your online holiday shopping and bill paying plans

WikiLeaks may be spilling into your online holiday shopping and bill paying plans with cyber activists hitting MasterCard, VISA, and PayPal.

Yesterday, today and for who knows how long you may find that your plans to do online banking, shopping and bill paying may come to a screeching halt as “cyber activist” hack into and attack many popular websites and services like Mastercard.com, VISA, PayPal and Amazon.  Why are these cyber activists mounting a hacker war against these major retailers and bankers? In retaliation for these services no longer being made available to the organization WikiLeaks;  and its organizer/founder Julian Assange.

WikiLeaks, is an ant secrecy organization that collects  information and then releases it to the public (where and how they get this information is part of an ongoing investigation). Their founder and organizer was arrested in Great Britain this week after releasing 250,000 State Department documents in which US diplomats were, quite frankly less than complimentary towards their counterparts throughout the world. WikiLeaks’s Web site also was responsible for posting of hundreds of thousands of secret Pentagon documents on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Once released, many other news organizations started picking up the story and began publishing articles based on the archived documents WikiLeaks released to them.

But, that’s not all Julian Assange is accused of.  British judges recently denied Sweden’s request for extradition of Assange, who is accused of sexual molestation and rape of two women.  The women claim that sex was consensual, however it became nonconsensual when condoms were not in use.

He however, maintains his innocence.  His supporters call the charges a “smear campaign.”

Operation Payback

A group of activists recently took credit for the cyber attack Continue reading WikiLeaks may be spilling into your online holiday shopping and bill paying plans

Cash, Check, Money Order & PayPal No More on Ebay

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, eBay, one of the world’s largest internet stores, makes changes to their payment policies. What are these changes and what do they mean to you and how you shop? Will they make you safer or are they simply a method for eBay to make more money. You decide and share your thoughts!

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Virtual Credit Cards Protect Your Real Credit Card Information

On-line shopping is easy, convenient, saves gas and time. But how can we, as consumers, shop safely when so many instances of credit card theft occur as a result of using our credit cards on-line, especially with those sites that “store” your credit card information. Since we are shopping in the virtual world, why not use virtual credit cards?
As millions of people have become victims of identity theft, consumers have become savvy and cautious about how they use and protect their personal information, including their credit card numbers. Many people want to enjoy the convenience of shopping on-line and saving time and money, especially with today’s gas prices, but are fearful of using their actual credit card numbers on line.

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