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Parallels Desktop 6 Promo Code

Promo Code for Parallels Desktop 6
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You talked about Parallels Desktop for Windows. Where can I get a promo code to use it on my Mac?

Yes, we did talk about Parallels Desktop (for Windows) last week (or a couple weeks ago?).

You can see the link above to where you can get it for your Mac.

Use Parallels Desktop 6 on your Mac is pretty much the same as using it on your Windows machine.

According to the Parallels website, the company was founded in 1999 and now has over 700 employees on three continents. Parallels creates and supports a lot of different kinds of virtualization and automation software, but (at least as of the time of this writing), they’re best known for software which allows Windows and Linux Programs to be run inside of their own environments, while allowing the end user to be on their Mac.

“Virualization” is a fancy term and fancy way of saying that they create an operating environment within another environment.

But even that sounds overly technical.

To put it simply, Macs and PCs work differently.

Most everyone knows that.

What Parallels Desktop does is creates an environment where Continue reading Parallels Desktop 6 Promo Code