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Drive By Pharming: Symantec Free Video Shows You What Drive By Pharming is

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There’s (yet again) another threat you should really be aware of.
It’s called drive-by pharming.
Symantec has put together a great video on drive-by pharming, which I’ve posted below, so you don’t really need me to explain to you how drive-by pharming works.
But, what you might want to know is how to protect yourself from this new type of drive-by.
The simplest thing you can do to protect yourself is change the default password on your home wireless router. A quick Google search yielded the following pages for changing this password on three of the more popular home wireless routers:
If you aren’t using one of these routers, just do a Google search for how to change the password on your router at home.
Also, just do the stuff we generally talk to you about here at IdentityTheftSecrets. Basically, work only with Web sites that you know to be at least reasonably trustworthy. (And definitely only click links in emails from people you know, and even then, stay away from any link that looks sort of funny… You may or may not end up installing something simply by clicking on a link. In many cases, as in the case of drive-by pharming, that is all it takes for this attack to do its damage.)
Watch Symantec’s video below.

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