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ID Watchdog Review: A Ratings and Interview Review of IDWatchdog

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IDWatchdog services

(A Transcription of this Interview with IDWatchdog will be available shortly.)
In this interview with Erik Hansen, VP of Marketing for IDWatchdog, a Colorado based company which markets itself as a watchdog for your identity, we discuss many topics, including:
The current state of Identity Theft
Problems customers have had with IDWatchdog (concerns about ID Watchdog charging customers’ cards when they didn’t know they were being charged)
What makes IDWatchdog’s services different
Background and database monitoring
and much more.
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IDWatchdog Review: Download the MP3

When Permission Marketing Doesn’t Get Your Permission First

In his book, Permission Marketing, Seth Godin, former vice president of direct marketing at Yahoo, talks about how large companies exchange your information. I thought this quote would be relevant for readers of identity theft secrets.
From Permission Marketing (1999) Page 131 and 132 “In traditional marketing, it is totally okay to rent or sell or transfer data. It gets done, secretly, every single day. In fact, it’s a multibillion dollar industry. It’s scary, but it’s true: you can rent the name and address of every one in New York City who has a permit to carry a gun. Then you can filter this data further to produce a list of those women who have a child in private school. Or who live in the building with a high likelihood of tenants who stay in first-class hotels when they travel. Want a list of dental floss users? Not a problem. You can even buy them by brand!”

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