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ZoneAlarm Free Download and ZoneAlarm Pro: Interview and Review

ZoneLabs/Checkpoint is another company we have been hearing a lot about at Identity Theft Secrets, mostly because of their ZoneAlarm product, but also because of their suite of products dealing with Internet Security.
Here’s a screenshot of what Zone Alarm Pro looks like:
Zone Alarm Pro Free Screenshot
Here’s our interview with John Gable from CheckPoint (which again, is the company which makes Zone Alarm). (We’ll post the transcript soon.)

Download the CheckPoint (ZoneAlarm) Interview (MP3) Here
For now, here are some quick basics on ZoneAlarm, and a couple of coupons we found for downloading ZoneAlarm free, and for saving $20 on ZoneAlarm Pro.

You can save $20 on ZoneAlarm Pro by clicking here
you can download ZoneAlarm for free here.

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RegCure Review and RegCure Interview: Downloading and Using Reg Cure

We’re going to be talking about a how you can get a free registry cleaner program called RegCure here (and perhaps other registry cleaners) very soon at IdentityTheftSecrets.com, but before we do, it’s important to start giving you some background on what a system registry is and what it does.
So, the Windows registry is a directory which stores settings and options for the operating system for Microsoft Windows.
The registry is a place where information and settings for all the hardware, operating system software, most non-operating system software, users, preferences of the PC, and a whole bunch of other stuff is stored.
Whenever a user makes changes of any significance within the computer, the changes are stored in the registry.
So, hopefully that makes sense?
After Windows introduced the Registry, it beame apparent that there was a need for a program designed to clean the registry, hence the name registry cleaner.
A registry cleaner is a type of program for Microsoft Windows operating system designed to attempt to remove unneeded or unwanted items from the Windows registry.
This can happen if you have had Spyware, Scumware, Adware, or another malicious program downloaded onto your machine, and it left behind traces of itself.
It could also happen for the less malicious but equally annoying situation where someone didn’t write an uninstall program correctly
Why might you need or want a registry cleaner?
As mentioned, some uninstallers for Windows software do not completely remove all traces of the software from the registry. If you’ve downloaded free software that may have malicious intent, or if you’ve downloaded software which may not have been designed with the best of intentions (have you been downloading free music using a program you got from some random site?), it’s possibly you have icky stuff sitting in the registry of your computer.
Some programs which are designed to do malicious things to your computer don’t come with uninstallers at all, and you end up manually removing them from your computer.

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A Review of XoftSpy and Free Look Using XoftSpy SE Serial Key

download XoftSpy SE here

Someone recently showed me this free scan you can do through a company called ParetoLogic, who supposedly has the #1 best selling anti-spyware product on the Internet. It’s called XoftSpy SE, and appears to have some cool features (as far as anti-spyware is concerned) but I will be speaking with someone from this company shortly so that I can do a proper review of XoftSpySE here.
For now, you can listen to the audio of my interview with XoftSpySE by clicking below.
Download my interview with XoftSpySE
If you want a free scan, or to read more about XoftSpySE and grab a registration code, you can do that here.
If you just want to download a copy (you can get your license key version later) you can download XoftSpy here

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