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EFF Files New Lawsuit Against NSA

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has filed a lawsuit on behalf of First Unitarian Church and multiple other organizations against the National Security Agency (NSA) opposing the illegal mass surveillance programs of the NSA. EFF represents will be representing the coalition of American organizations including political associations, churches, and regular people.

First Unitarian Church of Los Angeles v. NSA is a lawsuit that will address whether the NSA violated the First Amendment right of association by illegally collecting call records. EFF has had years of experience fighting illegal government surveillance in court, but this will be a pivotal case for the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

“The First Amendment protects the freedom to associate and express political views as a group, but the NSA’s mass, untargeted collection of Americans’ phone records violates that right by giving the government a dramatically detailed picture into our associational ties,” said EFF Legal Director Cindy Cohn. “Who we call, how often we call them, and how long we speak shows the government what groups we belong to or associate with, which political issues concern us, and our religious affiliation. Exposing this information –especially in a massive, untargeted way over a long period of time– violates the Constitution and the basic First Amendment tests that have been in place for over 50 years.”

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U.S. Sues Wells Fargo Bank After $36 Billion Bailout

As the U.S. economy crumbled around us, the government made a bold (and often criticized) choice to bailout many of the largest banks in hopes to get the economy back on track. Now we’re learning that many of the banks the government lent money to are being sued by the U.S. for fraud. One bank under the most scrutiny is Wells Fargo. With over $36 billion given to the bank to help rebuild the economy, it turns out that the bank wasn’t as forthcoming with information as they should have been.

The nation’s largest mortgage lender was found to have not reported loans that defaulted. In fact, out of an astounding 6,500 defaulted loans, the company only reported 300. The real issue arises in the fact that the company approved more than 100,000 loans that should never have been approved, helping cause the mortgage crisis. These were loans that were government-centered, such as FHA and HUD loans. While it was brought to the attention of the company that their lending practices were questionable, nothing was done to fix the problem. In fact, obtaining more and more government-funded loans became a priority of the bank. When loans defaulted, the government was the one footing the bill. In many cases, home buyers didn’t even qualify for these programs, but the bank approved them anyway.

While this is just the latest case of bank fraud, it’s not the first and probably not the last. Other banks that have come under scrutiny include Bank of America, Flagstar Bancorp, Inc, and more recently Chase. Each company is said to have partaken in similar actions that led to thousands of defaulted loans. However, while Wells Fargo claims that the allegations are false, other banks have reached agreements with the federal government to “fix” the problem.

If found guilty, Wells Fargo will have to pay hundreds of millions back to the federal government. However, prosecutors must be able to prove without a shadow of a doubt that Wells Fargo intended to defraud the government and this may prove tricky. Continue reading U.S. Sues Wells Fargo Bank After $36 Billion Bailout

Starbucks Sued After Data Breach

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