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More than one bug can be caught while traveling: Hotel wi-fi dangers

Business travelers won’t leave home without it.   Families take it with them like they would a wallet.  What is it?  It’s a laptop (netbook, tablet, or even an iPad.).  There are many reasons for taking it with us when we travel.  For some it’s staying on top of work and being available to at least respond to emergencies.  For many they can’t leave home or work without it.   Carrying our laptop, just like carrying our wallet comes with it’s own set of dangers.

While visiting my father he asked me to take a look at his laptop.  Ever since they went on vacation it just hadn’t “worked right.”   I asked him if he had his antivirus on “high” and did he use the hotel internet.   Finding out he used the free wi-fi at the resort where he and my mother were staying I knew that the search for a nasty little bug (and I don’t mean a bed bug) was going to take some time and possibly even the help of a professional.

The FBI recently released this statement about  hotel Wi-Fi dangers:

Malware Installed on Travelers’ Laptops Through Software Updates on Hotel Internet Connections

The FBI warns that “malicious actors are targeting travelers abroad through pop-up windows while they are establishing an Internet connection in their hotel rooms.”

How does this work?  Simply speaking, you are trying to connect to the wi-fi system in your hotel room.  For many that still means a cord (Ethernet) for others it is simply detecting the network of where you are staying.   The next step usually involves connecting to the hotel’s network by providing a password at a prompt on screen or on the internet browser window.  While you are doing this a screen pops up and says something like “you must update your …. (insert program here) in order to use this system.”   A click or two later and your laptop is going to encounter a “bug” or two.

The most convincing part of this program is, as the FBI warns, “The pop-up window appeared to be offering a routine update to a legitimate software product for which updates are frequently available.”

We’ve talked before about the dangers of internet use while traveling, especially when it pertains to wi-fi services.  Maybe the hotel wi-fi service is “spotty.”  Maybe your USB drive is stolen .  Maybe your restaurant or coffee shop that you are working from, like Starbucks, experiences a security breach.  Avoid putting your computer at risk by using your own hot spot connection.  Make sure to put your anti virus and malware programs on high.  Avoid third party cookies.   Check digital certificates before downloading any software program. Perform updates on your system before you leave and in most cases you shouldn’t have to do one again until after you return home.

If you have been a target of a malware “attack”  the FBI asks that you report it to IC3’s website at www.IC3.gov. The IC3’s complaint database links complaints together to refer them to the appropriate law enforcement agency for case consideration. The complaint information is also used to identify emerging trends and patterns and to help protect us from every emerging tech type scams.

Find out what other steps you can take to keep your computer safe, from Kapersky Labs.

Just Announced Promo Codes: Lojack for Laptops April 2011 Promo Codes

It’s not that often that we just write on IdentityTheftSecrets about promo codes offered by a company. Sure, we post about promos all the time, but we usually try to tell you something about the company offering the promo code.

Well, we’ve already been extolling the virtues of LoJack for Laptops on IdentityTheftSecrets, so the entire purpose of this post is to tell you that we’ve just learned about some great promo codes being offered by the company for April only.

Take a look at the promo codes below and find the one most applicable to the Lojack for Laptops product you want to buy.


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Lojack for Laptops Promo Codes

Lojack for Laptops Promo Codes
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Lojack For Laptops does offer some excellent promo codes as you can see above.

But maybe you’re not familiar with what the code behind the software can do to protect the data you store on your laptop.

So even though the purpose of this short write-up is to get these promo codes to you, we’ll take a minute as well to tell you about what Lojack for laptops can do to protect your laptop.

Obviously, if your laptop is stolen, the Lojack for Laptops team is going to work to get your laptop back to you. This is done through their theft recovery program which partners with local law enforcement to get your laptop from the thief.

This is often done through the geolocation tool inside the code of Lojack for laptops. Even if your computer doesn’t have GPS built in, any attempt to connect your computer to the Internet can LoJack for laptops to pinpoint the exact location of your laptop.

As soon as your laptop is connected to the Internet, you have the ability to delete data. This means that even if your computer hasn’t been physically recovered, you have the ability to delete data, or you can simply prevent someone from accessing your computer by freezing all access to your computer.

Our favorite part of the Lojack for Laptops system though is that if someone attempts to access your laptop after you’ve frozen it remotely, a message from you will be displayed on screen.

Something like this would be good:

“Hey. You stole my computer. If you turn it in at [123 Anywhere Street], I won’t press charges. But I know where you are. If you don’t give me back my laptop, please be aware that karmic retribution will be visiting you soon. Again, your best decision is to turn in the laptop at [123 Anywhere Street] within 24 hours, and I won’t press charges. The laptop is useless to you at this point anyway.”

You probably came to this page looking for a promo code for Lojack for Laptops, and those are both above and below.

Hopefully however, you know a little more now about Lojack for Laptops and understand the value of what you’re about to purchase (while saving money through the promotions listed).

Lojack for Laptops Promo Codes
Want to save money when you purchase Lojack for Laptops? Use the promo codes below:

Lojack for Laptops premium: 25% off Promo Code

LoJack for Laptops Standard: 15% off Promo Code

What is Lojack for Laptops?

Lojack for Laptops Discount Codes
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I’ve heard of Lojack for Cars, but what is Lojack for Laptops?

Summary: What Lojack for laptops is and what it can do for you.

First off, let’s talk about the concept of Lojack.

Lojack comes from the 90’s phenomenon called Carjacking. Continue reading What is Lojack for Laptops?

Iron Clad Protection for Personal and Business Laptop Computers

The public has become more and more aware of using safe practices to protect themselves from identity theft. People are opting out of credit cards offers, shredding mail, carefully screening e-mails and using anti-spyware and keylogger programs. These practices help people avoid having their personal information stolen from their mail box or on-line, but what happens if your laptop itself is stolen? What happens then? And what if it is from a business, organization or government agency? How do we protect the information on our laptops?

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Companies marketing under guise of Identity Theft

So there are some companies out there that are marketing their products under the guise that their services will help you prevent Identity Theft.
Actually, there are HUNDREDS of companies marketing their “solutions” as things that will help you with Identity Theft.
Though there are many, we are going to pick on just two today.
Product #1
Data Safe Wallets:
From the Press Release:
“Its new line of DataSafe Wallets(TM) for men and women (are) designed to protect the new ‘smart card’ credit cards from wireless identity theft.”
Well, yah, I guess you could say that you would be protecting your already encrypted smart card by having a wallet shielded with some sort of RF-blocking material. While this is a good idea in concept, it doesn’t really address Identity Theft. All it does is protect the cards in your wallet. Since the vast majority of Identity Theft doesn’t occur by someone grabbing your information wirelessly from an encrypted data stream, these wallets aren’t really helping people with the problem of identity theft.
Overall impact on helping people with Identity Theft? Minimal

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