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Number one in Identity Theft?

How do you become known as the #1 bank in America for helping protect people from Identity Theft?
Well, it’s quite simple actually.
The Javelin Strategy and Research firm, which evaluated 24 major banks, awarded the top three banks similar marks for their ability to help protect customer data. Here’s some of the strong points, from the last year or so, that you should consider if you wish to be among the top three.
First, it would be a good idea to lose 2.6 million customer records belonging to Circuit City credit card holders. Accidentally take the records to a landfill and bury them.
Next, you could find yourself among the best by allowing several data breaches to take place. Accidently leave digital doors open, or even physical doors, so that your customers’ information can leave with a criminal. Make sure that when you’re shipping information, you use a company that will lose data tapes for 145,000 government and military cardholders.
After that, make sure that your executives have limitless access to sell customer information for personal and corporate gain, and while you’re at it, incentivize employees to open new accounts in the name of your customers.

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