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Interview With An Identity Theft Victim: Christie Scalzo

If you’ve been reading Identity Theft Secrets lately, you’ll remember the story of Christie Scalzo.
The woman who was falsely imprisoned and went through some real challenges because of someone stealing her Identity.
Christie’s friend found our post on IdentityTheftSecrets.com, and forwarded it to her, which eventually led to this interview with Christie Scalzo about her experience.

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Identity Theft Lands Pregnant Woman In Jail: An Identity Theft Tragedy

Locked up for Identity TheftChristie Scalzo, mother of two and resident of Nevada, has experienced, what I would consider to be, a true Identity Theft Tragedy.
Christie Scalzo’s information was stolen in 2002, from her car, while she shopped at a 99 cent store.
Something that could happen to pretty much anyone.
Fast forward to 2008, when she was pulled over by a police officer, who was just doing his job.
From Identity Theft Victim Locked Up

She was driving with her kids when the 2002 incident would suddenly come back to haunt her…”It was right past the signal when he pulled me over. He said ‘Can I see your license?’ and I said ‘Yeah, what’s the matter?’ Because I know nothing is wrong, I know I don’t have any problems. And he said, ‘Well, I just ran your plates and you have a warrant out of Henderson.’ And, I said, ‘What?'”… Despite Scalzo’s explanations of identity theft to arresting officers, she was taken to the Henderson Detention Center. She was locked up. But the fingerprints from the 2002 arrest were not compared to hers. Neither was the mug shot. Scalzo was booked on burglary , drugs and weapon charges… Scalzo thought if law enforcement would not compare the fingerprints and mug shots, she would have to do that herself. “I went to Henderson courts, police station. I needed mug shots, fingerprints, discovery, all my files, and they all said I have to have an attorney here to subpoena the records.” After spending $3,500 on legal fees and months of litigation, Scalzo would finally get her day in court. It took only seconds. “They dismissed the case. That was it,” Scalzo explains….”I hope this isn’t the end of the case,” Perry (Scalzo’s attorney) said. “They ought to be finding this woman. That woman is still out there somewhere. Still has Christie’s information.”…
Although this mix up is now solved for Scalzo, the story does not end on a happy note. Hours after she was released from the Henderson Detention Center, she miscarried.

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URGENT: Identity Theft and Child Pornography, Oregon Police Need Help

Police arrested a man on charges of Identity Theft and forgery, but when they started going through his computer, they found connections to child pornography.
I’ve long said that the ethics of someone who would live on the hard work and credibility of someone else’s name is likely to be the kind of person who would commit crimes other than identity theft.
Even knowing that from the outset, even before I started this site over 4 years ago, this hurts my heart, and it bothers me to even be the one bringing this news into your day.
But if we can do some good by getting the word out sharing this news (however terrible), and helping to track down the people who may have these kids and be doing who knows what with them, then this will have been worthwhile to pass along.
The news story is below if you want to watch it.
Mostly, if you have been to, or live in, Oregon and can identity anything that is in the pictures and video below, your information can be very valuable to Oregon police.

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10 Years For Sex? Identity Theft’s Just Not Worth It

Download the .MP3 of this audio here

We usually don’t delve into too much of the bizarre on Identity Theft Secrets, but I read about this in the Washington Post and really found it curious.
Tiffany Gwen Weaver, of Reisterstown, Maryland, will possibly spend up to 10 years in prison, after she was charged with 7 different counts when she supposedly used Amanda Sprehn’s Identity.
Did she steal the identity of a Sprehn, a Maryland attorney:
– for financial gain?
– to have a cancer test?
– maybe just to run up a few phone bills?
No. Tiffany Weaver used the identity of Amanda Sprehn (of the Annapolis law firm Hyatt, Peters & Weber), so that she could get into a prison and enjoy her time with one of the inmates there.
Weaver had a Maryland State Bar Association Security Identification Pass with photo, identifying her as Amanda Sprehn, but she got caught when the prison contacted Sprehn’s (the real one) employer to say that she was no longer allowed in the jail.

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