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Can Smartphones Steal Our Credit Card Information?

There was a time when credit cards had to be slid through a funky machine and stamped. This left your personal information fairly insecure or at least at the mercy of the retail establishment’s security procedures. Now credit cards are so fancy you can simply walk by and tap them to pay for your bill. Would it surprise you to know that your credit card could be even more at risk today despite the jump in technology? A CBC News investigation is saying that a simple Smartphone app is capable of swiping your information right through your wallet. In about one second, they were able to use a Samsung Galaxy SIII and an app that shall remain nameless to do the deed. Information like the card number, expiration date and name was quickly stolen with a simple walk by.

That is alarming news to those of us that use PayPass or payWave from MasterCard and Visa collectively. Both appear to be susceptible to the app and the smartphone despite what is said by those with Visa or MasterCard. Both companies say that their products are safe and that you are not responsible for unauthorized purchases anyway. For me, the proof is in the doing. They were able to take a card’s information with a simple walk by, and then use it to purchase a Coke. That shows me that it is possible despite claims to the contrary.

This is a natural progression that one should expect to see when new technologies are being formed. If you come up with a new way to do things where paying and money is concerned, someone, somewhere is going to try to exploit it. It is the unfortunate way of the world. Once they have been caught a few times, then the technology will Continue reading Can Smartphones Steal Our Credit Card Information?

Tips for Safer Shopping on Your Mobile Device

‘Tis the season for holiday shopping, and more people are turning to shopping online than ever before. With great deals and often inexpensive or free shipping, it’s cost effective and saves you the headache of facing the holiday shopping crowds in stores. But shopping online from your smart phone or other device with mobile apps can put your credit card information at risk unless you take precautions to protect yourself.

Use password protection on the device

You can set your devices to require a password every time they’re used, preventing anyone from getting into your information. Sure, it’s an annoying extra step you have to take every time you use your phone, but it’s a lot easier than canceling all of your credit cards and repairing damage to your credit report!

Don’t store credit card info on your device

Using your smart phone to shop might be convenient, but it would be safer to just save items you want to your cart and then log in from your home computer to finish checking out. This way, none of your important account numbers are stored on your mobile device where thieves can find it.

Download apps to protect your device

Did you know Continue reading Tips for Safer Shopping on Your Mobile Device

How to Unlock iPhones: Hacking into your iPhone with Unlock Software

Easiest way to unlock your iPhone?  Get iPhone unlock software.

A friend of mine hacked his iPhone so that he could use it to broadcast live streaming video feeds to UStream.tv back in 2008.

It was impressive.

Then he told me the price.

He didn’t do the hacking to unlock his iPhone.  He paid some guy $250.

For $250, I could buy a video camera with a 3G connection that would do the exact same thing as a hacked iPhone.

So I wasn’t as impressed after I heard the price.;

If you’re really wanting to unlock your iPhone, there are LOTS of methods.

A few sites which you might want to look at are listed below.

Before you check those out though, you should know that unlocking an iPhone takes 1 of 2 things:

Technical knowlegdge (or someone with technical knowledge and soldering skills)


Software that you buy.

If you’re looking to buy software to unlock your iPhone, we recommend taking a look at iPhone Unlock.

They have a good track record and can fully unlock iPhone 3G, 3GS, and iPhone 4.

You can unlock pretty much any iPhone version and model, just using their unlock software.

This includes the Newest iPhone 4 model, so that this software will work with all versions of the iPhone.

Installation is simple.  Just downloadsoftware to your computer.  Then connect your iPhone and put the unlock software on there.  All you have to do is open iPhone Unlock and a whole new world of possibilities becomes available.

From their site, they say,

“If you are truly stuck on the installation we also offer tech support that can help you. It’s instant, safe, and easy to jailbreak your iPhone with iPhone Unlock.”

If you want to unlock your iPhone the easy way, check out iPhone Unlock.

If you want to learn to unlock your iPhone the hard way (requires technical know-how and willingness to mess up your iPhone), check out  the articles below.



Easiest way to unlock your iPhone?  Get iPhone unlock software.