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Another Gold Mining and Gold Investment Scam

We’ve long been warning that as the price of gold and silver and various other commodities picks up, new scams will come along similar to all the phishing and Nigerian fraud emails which have been going around for years.

In the case of this gold mining fraud email, Berewa Mining (with an @yahoo.co.uk address?) is asking you to confirm your address is real by sending them a response.

While they are not asking for more than a reply email at this point, this is the first step in a series of steps in which they will attempt to gain your trust, seducing your better nature into believing that they really do have gold dust or gold to export, which they will “give” to you, if you’ll only give them:

– Your bank account details
– Your social security number
– An address where you can receive some package and re-send it along to them

We don’t know the endgame here. But if you receive an email from berewamining01@yahoo.co.uk, or an email that looks like the one below, know that it’s highly suspect and very likely a scam.

If you actually want to buy gold or silver, do it through reputable companies like GoldMoney or Apmex.




From: Berewa Mining
Date: Sat, May 28, 2011 at 6:04 AM
Subject: gold

Dear Sir,

I am writing to you as a Miner and Miner’s representative We have offices in Dakar Senegal and free town sierra Leone & Banjul the Gambia,Guinea Conakry as well as Burkina Faso.

our firm is ready to do business with any interested person or persons who is ready to exploit in our field of business.

I have the mandate to arrange for prospective buyers who are interested to buy our diamonds and gold here,we have fine uncut stones, (assorted Parcels) sizes from 1.5 to 17carrat and colors are from (D TO I), AND PURITY IS CRYSTAL CLEAR,(v v s 1, v v s 2, e.t.c.
Our prices are moderate and negotiable, we take our products through all the various processes ( bank, customs and Kimberly certificate) in the interest and safety of our customers because our customers interest comes first.

We give you the best deal ever around the sub-region .
You will not be disappointed for doing business with us.
Your reply will be appreciated and treated with urgency

Yours truly,

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