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Here comes the marriage fraud

marriage fraudCue up the wedding music.   Turn on the PC.  You may not kiss the computer screen.   Yes,  internet marriages are becoming more common, but could that also mean that marriage frauds could become more common and easier to do too?

Britain recently uncovered a 20 million pound marriage scam involving cash for brides from Eastern countries.  The brides were bought and paid for, in order to get access to benefits and jobs in Great Britain.  It has been called the largest marriage scam uncovered, to date.

In the U.S.  three brothers were recently found guilty of  “participating in a conspiracy to enter into marriages for the purpose of evading U.S. immigration laws, making false statements to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, and unlawfully attempting to procure naturalization and citizenship.” Apparently the three men in question paid women to marry them and set up a scheme where they would convince U.S. authorities of their happily married status, so that they could become citizens.   They now face prison time and deportation.

True Love or Marriage Fraud” took an inside look at the problems with marriage fraud in Canada.  stating that,

 Canada is, perhaps, the easiest among all developed countries in which to commit marriage fraud — and without any repercussions.  Around one thousand cases marriage fraud are reported to the government every year – stories of would-be immigrants who woo and marry Canadians as a doorway into Canada.

One artist from Ottawa says of the Canadian system, “The easiest way to become a permanent resident in this country is to get married. As soon as you step into the country you’re granted permanent residency status. There’s no other country that grants this…..I was duped into marrying this man who had no intention of staying with me.”

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