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List of celebrities and political victims of hackers grows

It seems somewhat ironic, Angelina Jolie who starred as “Kate” aka Acid Burn in the movie “Hackers” has now joined the almost dozen celebrities who have had their financial information hacked into and released for the Internet to share.

TMZ reports that both Lady Gaga and Angelina Jolie are the latest in a line of online hack jobs which pulled financial information including social security numbers, credit card information, car loans, banking information and even mortgage amounts and released them online. Among the others hurt by the hackers were Jay-Z, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Mel Gibson, Ashton Kutcher, Robert Mueller, Tiger Woods, Kanye West, Eric Holder,  Robert De Niro, Dennis Rodman, Michael Vick,  NRA advocate Wayne LaPierre and LAPD Chief Charlie Beck.  There are also reports of Britney Spears, Donald Trump and even the first lady Michelle Obama being victims of these same hacksters. In the First Ladies case, it appears the problem is really with the president as they stated “”Blame your husband, we still love you, Michelle.”

Other political figures include Sarah Palin, Hilary Clinton, Joe Biden and Al Gore.   However, either there is little to be learned online about these particular political figures or they are protected better online than the other victims, there was little information revealed about them.

Credit agencies are making their own inquiries, and as reported by Forbes Magazine, “We learned about this late this afternoon [and] immediately launched an investigation,” a TransUnion spokesperson said by email.

The hackers appeared to be based out of Russia and performed a dump of the information on a website which now appears to be based on an island off the coast of Madagascar  in a technique known as “doxxing.”   But here’s the really interesting part, doxxing is the act of obtaining and posting private information about a person by scouring the Internet and is not necessarily illegal.

“You can post it as long as there is nothing nefarious about it,”  says LAPD cyber crimes detective Andrew Kleinick. “They are public figures and that kind of thing happens. It’s not right, [but] I know of no crime. He continues Continue reading List of celebrities and political victims of hackers grows

How to Unlock iPhones: Hacking into your iPhone with Unlock Software

Easiest way to unlock your iPhone?  Get iPhone unlock software.

A friend of mine hacked his iPhone so that he could use it to broadcast live streaming video feeds to UStream.tv back in 2008.

It was impressive.

Then he told me the price.

He didn’t do the hacking to unlock his iPhone.  He paid some guy $250.

For $250, I could buy a video camera with a 3G connection that would do the exact same thing as a hacked iPhone.

So I wasn’t as impressed after I heard the price.;

If you’re really wanting to unlock your iPhone, there are LOTS of methods.

A few sites which you might want to look at are listed below.

Before you check those out though, you should know that unlocking an iPhone takes 1 of 2 things:

Technical knowlegdge (or someone with technical knowledge and soldering skills)


Software that you buy.

If you’re looking to buy software to unlock your iPhone, we recommend taking a look at iPhone Unlock.

They have a good track record and can fully unlock iPhone 3G, 3GS, and iPhone 4.

You can unlock pretty much any iPhone version and model, just using their unlock software.

This includes the Newest iPhone 4 model, so that this software will work with all versions of the iPhone.

Installation is simple.  Just downloadsoftware to your computer.  Then connect your iPhone and put the unlock software on there.  All you have to do is open iPhone Unlock and a whole new world of possibilities becomes available.

From their site, they say,

“If you are truly stuck on the installation we also offer tech support that can help you. It’s instant, safe, and easy to jailbreak your iPhone with iPhone Unlock.”

If you want to unlock your iPhone the easy way, check out iPhone Unlock.

If you want to learn to unlock your iPhone the hard way (requires technical know-how and willingness to mess up your iPhone), check out  the articles below.



Easiest way to unlock your iPhone?  Get iPhone unlock software.

Roboform Keeps Passwords and More Protected

WIth technology comes convenience, but also threats to security. Each time a consumer accesses their bank or shops online their keystrokes may be recorded, hackers may obtain their financial information and personal information may be released. There is a software to protect Internet users, while they are doing any number of tasks from registering for travel to playing games online.

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Former Identity Thief Made 6 MILLION Dollars From Other People’s Names

Here’s an identity thief who made 6 MILLION DOLLARS at the expense of other people.
Did he use your credit card?
What’s worse to think about is whether or not he sold your name to be used by the criminal underworld.
In this 1 hour interview, a former identity thief exposes the secrets he used to use.
He stole people’s identities through hacking, phishing, and real-world scheming, and lived a very good life doing so.
So why is he sharing this information with me?
He says that hacking and identity theft is “too easy” and he needs “more of a challenge”, and fixing identity theft is much more challenging than creating problems for people.

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CardersMarket A Site for Illegal Activity

Want to take a look inside the CardersMarket.com forum? Take a look at the video below.
CardersMarket.com is a web site where people’s information is being bought and sold as a commodity.
The transactions aren’t actually taking place on the forum itself, but the discussions and interactions are, nonetheless, taking place on this message board.

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