List of celebrities and political victims of hackers grows

“You can post it as long as there is nothing nefarious about it,” says LAPD cyber crimes detective Andrew Kleinick. “They are public figures and that kind of thing happens. It’s not right, [but] I know of no crime. He continues “The exception occurs when information obtained through doxxing is used to threaten someone, steal someone’s identity, or infiltrate private emails.”

Roboform Keeps Passwords and More Protected

Today’s technology has offers consumers so many conveniences; on-line banking, internet shopping, on-line bill paying, research at our fingertips, e-mail, instant messaging, photo image storing and creation and so much more.
In addition to many important day to day financial and communication tasks,
the internet offers many other opportunities for entertainment, free samples, and survey’s, game and contests. But with all of the convenience of working and playing on-line, in addition to the security risks

CardersMarket A Site for Illegal Activity

Want to take a look inside the CardersMarket.com forum? Take a look at the video below. CardersMarket.com is a web site where people’s information is being bought and sold as a commodity. The transactions aren’t actually taking place on the forum itself, but the discussions and interactions are, nonetheless, taking place on this message board. …

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